Where To Find Cheap Used Cars in Atlanta GA and Around

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Written on: 11-26-2012 12:37pm    Title: Where To Find Cheap Used Cars in Atlanta GA and Around
The year is ending, holidays are coming soon and for some people, especially younger ones, one of the purposes for the coming 2013 is buying a new car or changing the currently used one. If this is your case but for some reason, your budget is low or you just simply aren't willing to spend a lot of money on it, the chances are that you are going to start looking for the most economical ones in your area. If so and you live in the state of Georgia, stay in touch with this article since I'm going to tell you where to go or better said, what dealers you can visit to find good cheap used cars for sale in Atlanta GA and around.

At Autopten we are always committed to our main mission which is to help people to find the best car deals or used cars for the most affordable prices, especially those priced under $5000 and under $10000. We also like to help small car dealers from the USA to sell their cheapest cars and there is where we came to be a bridge between sellers in buyers.

In this opportunity, we were digging between the hundreds of car dealers located in Atlanta and the closest cities around to bring you the TOP 3 you can call or visit if you are planning to buy a used car with the characteristics mentioned above. According to our research, Georgia is still a little bit far from being one of the USA states where you can go to find low-priced used cars unlike other states like Ohio or Washington where you easily can find dealers full of cars for sale with crazy cheap prices mostly such as under $2000 and under $3000.

But anyway, we think that with a little effort and time searching you still can find good inexpensive cars in Georgia, especially close to Atlanta. So this is the TOP 3 list of our suggested dealers for this occasion that we think you should give a look at their inventories.

1) Auto Selection Inc.

Located in Stone Mountain, GA, just 15 miles away or less than half an hour from the Atlanta downtown and with a huge inventory of more than 150 vehicles and about 30 of them for sale under $5000 and 130 under $10000, Auto Selection Inc is must-visit car dealer you have to if you are really in the need of a cheap used car. Its phone number is 404-748-8761 or even better if you want to go its physical address is 6108 Memorial Drive, Stone Mountain, GA 30083. If you don't have enough money at this moment, they finance you even if you have bad credit

The cheapest car for sale in Atlanta by Auto Selection Inc. at this moment is a 1991 Dodge Ram Van 250 for $2,950. If you want to check its online used inventory, please follow the link

2) Ed Voyles Honda

Located in Marietta GA, close to the I-285 and 15 minutes away from the Atlanta downtown, Ed Voyles Honda is a big dealership where you can not only get new cars and all the services and parts you need for your car but they also have many nice cheap used cars for sale to offer you among its huge inventory of almost 300 vehicles where around 80 are priced under $10000 in top condition. Its physical address if you want to visit this dealership is: 2103 Cobb Parkway SE, Marietta, GA 30067 and its phone number in case you are really interested in certified pre-owned cars in mint condition in Atlanta and priced between $5000 and $10000 is (877) 419-9994.

The cheapest used car that Ed Voyles Honda has for sale at this moment in its inventory is a brown 1999 Jeep Cherokee 4WD SUV for $2,993. If you want to see its entire online used inventory, please check the link.

3) Guaranteed Auto, Inc

Located in Sandy Springs GA, on the north side of Atlanta and 20 minutes away from downtown, Guaranteed Auto, Inc., is the car dealer you need to visit in case you are looking where to buy good used cheap cars for sale under $5000 around Atlanta since half of its inventory covers almost 100 vehicles around this price range and the other half are priced for less than $10000. Guaranteed Auto Inc. stands out for offering high-quality used cars and customer service that will help you to have an easy purchase process besides their "Buy Here, Pay Here" or bank financing plans. If you want to visit this dealership its physical address is 7295 Roswell Rd., Sandy Springs, GA 30328 and its sales phone number is 678-993-2277

The cheapest used car that Guaranteed Auto, Inc is offering at this moment in its inventory starts for less than $2000 and is a 4-door sedan Honda Accord from 1990 white color. If you want to see its entire online used inventory, please follow the link.

With over 135 vehicles in inventory, another used car dealer that is worth taking a look at it is Atlanta Fine Cars since they have an inventory of over 60 vehicles priced under $10,000.

About Atlanta

Atlanta, founded in 1837 is the capital of Georgia and the most populous city in the state with around 432,427 residents according to the 2011 census. With an urban agglomeration of 5,268,860 people in what is considered the metropolitan area, Atlanta becomes the 9th most populous city in the country. With these figures, you now can imagine the big quantity of vehicles that are market every day in the city.

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Written on: 03-12-2013 05:32pm    Title: Where To Find Cheap Used Cars in Atlanta, GA and Around  
I have heard that it isn't easy to find good deals in Atlanta. Even in the article you just published "Which USA Cities & States Have The Cheapest Cars For Sale?" Atlanta is in the top list of the worst cities to find cheap cars. I have some friends there and when I have visit them I've seen they treat their cars like shit and not only them, most people in Atlanta drive like animals on the streets, I wouldn't never buy a car in that city.
Best car deals and a lot of affordable pre-owned vehicle available! Love it!
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