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Autopten.com is a United States search engine focused on the country's used cars market only, which started to be built in the middle of 2006 and started operating at the beginning of 2007 with the idea of publishing a printed magazine with the ten cheapest cars of every small car dealer in the state, however, because of the recession, along with the low budget of those days, our small team decided to do it on-line nationwide. Today, over 15 years after, our goal remains: finding and publishing real cheap used cars for sale with the mission to meet three goals:

  • 1) Helping U.S. small car dealerships to sell their most inexpensive cars in their inventories.
  • 2) Helping U.S. car buyers with a low budget to find a used car priced according to what they can afford and, at the same time, share with them informative articles that help them to make a decision on which cars are good to buy when you do not have enough money to buy a new one, for example.
  • 3) With blog articles and forum posts, helping and suggesting to buyers thinking twice about getting a new car or not because of the cost to decide which are the cheapest and best alternatives currently in the U.S. market.

Any vehicle owner or dealership can publish used car classifieds here for FREE.

What do we do, and how do we do it?

We promote vehicles that we think are the best offers for our users according to our research stats that constantly tell us what kind of cars they are looking for online and through which search parameters they come to our platform. We promote these vehicles on our social media channels, such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram, etc., and also through our RSS Feed where our subscribers frequently receive the latest updates and best car deals published by dealers and private owners. When you sign up with us as a car dealership, you're free to upload or create unlimited ads under your responsibility and criteria; however, when you sign up at Autopten, you are also giving us the authorization to review and use your online inventory to promote it in our creative ways, which consists mostly in creating ads that besides the price, year, model, type and some features of the vehicle, also offer some extra information about them and its positive aspects, highlights, specs, and reviews, like for example, why it would be a good purchase or why it is a good car, always having in mind our final goal which is to get you in touch with the buyer so that you can get or achieve the sale. You, as a dealership, are in charge of removing the vehicles that are already sold, or you can also opt to leave them marked as "SOLD" so that users and buyers can see your other deals, get more information about your company as well as getting an idea of what are the averages prices you manage on your inventory. We suggest this to our dealer members before they take down a listing.

How much does it cost?

Nothing. Zero. Nada. The service is 100% free for private owners, dealerships, or independent sellers (if you're associate with a dealership, please create a "dealer account" and avoid posting vehicles for sale as an owner, thanks).

What is our target?

We've been helping private owners and dealers to sell their most economical cars since 2007. We'd love to keep doing it and publishing on our search engine all the used cars for sale possible from as many U.S. dealerships as we can, but taking into account those small ones that tend to have on their lots pre-owned vehicles priced for low prices under $5,000 and under $10,000 mostly. So, if you're a car dealership with 5, 10, or more than 50 or 100 cars in your inventory, and 10 of them are priced under $10,000 or under $5000, we would like to help you sell them by publishing them on our platform. According to our experience, Autopten's visitors, which are mostly teenagers, college students, first drivers, and first owners, aren't looking for overpriced cars, they're looking for really cheap and good commuters cars that they can afford easily, and that's what we want to offer them.

What is a cheap car for us?

There isn't a standard price or metric measure to define if a used car is cheap or not; that depends more on how much is the buyer's budget and how much they are willing to pay for a vehicle, and of course, there are some other secondary factors that matter like the overall condition of the car, mileage, state of the title, location, etc. Still, according to our search stats and analysis, most of our users come to Autopten looking for used cars priced for below $10,000 dollars, and especially, they mostly want those priced under $5,000. So if you are a car dealership and the prices you manage in your inventory are in this range, we'd love you to sign up with Autopten and let us get in charge of marketing your cars on our site and social networks.

If you would like to see who are the cheap car dealership members registered to have an idea of what type of cars and prices they manage, please follow the link. We work with small car dealers from all U.S. states, cities, and towns. Generally, these small dealers offer the lowest prices, and that's precisely what our users are looking for

How do people and users find or come to Autopten?

In our forum and blog, we're continually writing and discussing the latest news in the automotive industry. For example, we're always pending which are the cheapest new cars that are coming and launching to the U.S. market, write, and share articles about them so we can also recommend the best ones to our users. We discuss what are their specs, features, highlights, and positive and negative points, and this is one of the ways that our users arrive at Autopten using queries through search engines about the subjects we write and share about. In the past times, we have also used different CMS or content management systems to write and publish these articles, but we discarded them because, in a matter of usability, they became obsolete, so we have decided to use our forum as our blog too. To see the news archive file, please follow the links.