Cheapest, coolest and most affordable new 2012 cars

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Written on: 07-15-2012 11:34am    Title: Cheapest, coolest and most affordable new 2012 cars
Whether you're looking to express your personality through the car you drive, drive something fun and get connected with your friends, or even save money during your trips, there are many cheap new cars this 2012 that meet these whims and more. Many models of this list created by offer a performance of up to 40 miles per gallon and the best, their prices are under $18,000. Check them out and choose your favorite.

10. Volkswagen Jetta 2012

The Jetta is Volkswagen's best-selling model which for this 2012 offers a nice and clean European design, dynamic performance, digital connection, and several versions to suit all tastes and pockets and the starting price is only: $15,365.


9. Scion iQ 2012

Despite its size, the iQ is very well designed and has enough room for up to three people or two, carrying on their golf bags. Because its wheelbase is smaller than most NBA players, this compact Japanese can easily be handled through the traffic of large cities. Its starting price is only: $15,265.


8. 2012 KIA Soul

The mix of fun style and practicality, made it get on the list of the cheapest, coolest, and most affordable 2012 cars. The front and rear are probably its most distinctive traits. It has improvements in its functioning that make it exceed 100 hp and give it a better performance. It is available with a 1.6L engine of direct injection or a 2.0-liter and its price starts at a low price of $13,900.


7. Honda Fit 2012

The Japanese model has become one of the favorites on the list since it appeared in the United States and each year, experts from seem to find it more qualities. In addition to its fun handling, it has high levels of versatility thanks to rear seats that can fold down to expand the cargo space. The Honda Fit has a base cost: $15,325.


6. 2012 Ford Fiesta

It's small and aggressive, a combination that is rarely seen but which Ford knew how to do it well. But besides its tough exterior, the Fiesta offers a lot of styles both inside and out, fun handling and a road performance of up to 38 mpg or 40 in the SFE version. As if this were not enough, it has a long list of technologies that summarize what it is to be a cool car for a cheap and affordable price which starts at $13,320 only.


5. 2012 Chevrolet Sonic

The new Chevrolet subcompact combines a sporty design with an interior inspired by the style of motorcycles. It has highly efficient engines that make it a strong contender among urban options and either sedan or hatchback, it looks quite attractive. The base price is $13,735 only and is one the coolest and cheapest cars you can buy new this 2012.


4. 2012 Mazda3

Its sporty looks and fun handling have turned it into an omnipresent model in the list of cool cars. Besides the qualities we already know, for 2012 the Mazda3 comes with the SKYACTIV engine option that increases its fuel efficiency up to 40 miles per gallon. In terms of cost, it starts at $15,200.


3. Fiat 500 2012

It is practically impossible not to fall surrendered to the charming Italian design that was compiled in small proportions which give to the Cinquecento a great personality. It is available in hatchback or convertible and since it returned to the United States after nearly three decades outside, it has become very popular. However traveling in style is not as expensive as it sounds, since the base price is $15,500.


2. 2012 Hyundai Veloster

In recent years Hyundai has worked to give an attractive design to its line of cars and in the case of the Veloster, opted for a versatile style that is complemented by innovative technology. The three-door model has one on the driver's side and one on the other side, an aspect that makes it one of the most distinctive and coolest cars on the market. It has a cheap starting price of $18,075.


1. 2013 Dodge Dart

It is one of the first results of the work between Chrysler and Fiat. The Dodge Dart combines style, great performance, cutting-edge technology, and great value, to such levels that made it lead the list of the coolest and cheapest cars of 2012 for sale for less than $18,000. Its exceptional interior space and customization options make the Dart a very competitive model in the compact segment. The starting price will be $15,995 only.


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Written on: 07-16-2012 04:44pm    Title: Cheapest, coolest and most affordable new 2012 cars  
No doubt that the coolest car of the list is the Hyundai Veloster smiley cool I haven't seen the first on the streets, but it looks really cool in the picture.
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Written on: 07-18-2012 09:45pm    Title: Cheapest, coolest and most affordable new 2012 cars  
The new Ford Fiesta has an engine with sequential electronic fuel injection multipoint, with 4 cylinders in line, the engine is a 1.6L with 16 valves, the power is 120/6350 hp / rpm, torque is 152 / 5000 NM / RPM, front-wheel drive, etc.. what else you can ask for $13,320, love it!
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Written on: 11-18-2020 08:08am    Title: Cheapest, coolest and most affordable new 2012 cars  
Dont like any of them.
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