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What's you favorite car? Ford F-150? Toyota Camry? Honda Accord? Check in the list below the most searched and popular models on our site. Probably, it's is your lucky day and you will find the one you want, and of course, for sale at a low price that you can afford.

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If the model you want isn't listed here, you can also find it using our search tools or look for it in the state you live. A good start could be asking yourself what's your favorite automaker and see what kind of models are available at this moment on the site. Also, it is worth to give a look at our directory of car dealers and dealerships in your state that specialize in selling good used cars at low prices. These dealerships mostly list on their inventories vehicles priced under $5,000 and under $10,000. If you are not sure what brand or model is the one you want, you can try looking for it by price range asking yourself how much are you willing to pay in your next car purchase.