New Volkswagen Golf 7: The Most Popular VW Car | Review

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Written on: 10-18-2012 06:33pm    Title: New Volkswagen Golf 7: The Most Popular VW Car | Review
The seventh generation of the best-selling compact of the German company stands out not only because of its updated look but also because it is safer, comfortable, spacious and lightweight.

Finally, the wait is over and, under the slogan of 'Best Golf of history', Volkswagen unveiled at the National Gallery of Berlin the Golf 7, the most popular car of the company which, since its introduction in 1974 until today, has sold over 29 million units.

2013 Volkswagen Golf 7 - Front

A new feature that comes with the new VW Golf 7 is that since its engineering is based on the Modular Transverse Matrix, perhaps better known as MQB platform (the same used by the Audi A3), has a weight reduction of 220 lbs., compared with the previous generation, and an increase of energy efficiency of 23%. Beyond this, the materials are stiffer and its body is 56 millimeters longer and wider so that its aerodynamics is benefited.

As for the exterior design, this brand new model offers a structure that combines the details of a "historical DNA" with new modern features that raise its category. They keep the transverse insignia of the grill reduced in size, the headlights slightly arched upward, the rear windows that extend up to the C-pillars, and the long roof-line. Also were added lower fenders, side strokes under windows that give a sense of motion, the trunk lid is wider at the bottom and the rear diffuser, placed in the middle, is part of the exhaust pipe.

2013 Volkswagen Golf 7 - Driver seat, dashboard and panels.

Inside the cab, the new measures make the space for passengers larger, and the volume of the cargo trunk is increased to 30 liters. Since the position of the driver's seat has been displaced rearwards about an inch the driving position improved, also the distances between pedals were optimized and the gearshift lever was raised. In addition, the rear seatbacks can be folded in a ratio of 60:40.

As for the standard options included, the new Golf 7 will be offered with three equipment lines: Trendline, Comfortline, and Highline. All models feature a touch screen (can be 5", 5.8", and 8"), power mirrors, power with height and depth adjustable, central locking with remote control, seven airbags, and control stability. The high-end vehicle includes 17-inch light-alloy wheels, fog lights with cornering lights, sports seats, chrome fixtures in the power windows, LED reading lights, automatic climate control, a multifunction steering wheel, heated front seats, and xenon headlights with a cleaning system.

2013 Volkswagen Golf 7 - Presentation

As for safety includes an electric handbrake, automatic braking if a collision is detected, adaptive cruise control, track deviation monitoring, fatigue control, adaptive cruise control, automatic parking assist, and a monitoring system in case of an imminent crash, which tightens the belts and acts on the brakes if necessary.

For the propulsion of this specimen, Volkswagen created two completely new generations of engines. On one side are boosters of TSI gasoline with powers of 85 hp and 140 hp, while the other is the TDI, which has powers of 105 and 150 horsepower. It is noteworthy that the Bluemotion variant causes an average consumption of just 3.2 liters, making the seventh generation the most efficient of all.

2013 Volkswagen Golf 7 - Rear

All versions are equipped with the Start/Stop system as standard, as well as the mode to recover the braking energy, so consumption and the emission of polluting gases were significantly reduced. As an innovation, for the first time the automaker equipped the Golf with a choice of five driving style programs: Eco, Sport, Normal, Individual, and DCC system and also the Comfort program.

According to Volkswagen's plans, the marketing will begin this month, upon completion of the Paris Auto Show, and the first units will be delivered in January 2013. At least in Germany, the starting price will be $22,252 dollars.

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Written on: 10-25-2012 11:36am    Title: New Volkswagen Golf 7: The Most Popular VW Car | Review  
I'm sorry for my German friends, but I was an owner of a VW Passat and I also had a Mercedes c320 and both were a expensive experience, so, I still don't trust in anything coming from Germany.
Looking for some affordable car for my son!
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Written on: 04-09-2013 12:25am    Title: New Volkswagen Golf 7: The Most Popular VW Car | Review  
This Golf could be small, but it runs faster than many full-size sedan with bigger engine, it's a shame it is so expensive here in the US.
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