Cheapest 2012 New Convertibles For Sale Under $30000 - Top 5

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Written on: 06-08-2012 07:16pm    Title: Cheapest 2012 New Convertibles For Sale Under $30000 - Top 5
Summer comes and the desire to drive a convertible sometimes hit a myth. All convertibles are expensive. Crisis and convertibles do not have to necessarily be opposed. At one time the convertibles may have been considered frivolous and superficial, but this tendency has changed. Now many of the convertibles and roadsters are useful for both, daily use and for those cheerful walks. Models with retractable hardtops offer the same protection from weather and wind than a standard coupe, as well as similar load capacity thanks to the advanced folding mechanisms. Furthermore, the modern soft tops provide glass rear for better visibility and the ability to folding while walking at 30 mph. These types of cars have come a long way. Among the many models available today, here are the most affordable and cheapest 2012 new convertibles.


  • The new 2012 / 2013 Smart ForTwo Passion Cabriolet model has a starting / MSRP price of $17,890
  • Fuel efficiency: 34 MPG City - 38 MPG Highway

  • This little car fits perfectly into any city. You can go, walk through it, parking without problems and return home leisurely. With the smart ForTwo Convertible you will discover new mobility around the city with maximum comfort, agility, safety, and ecology. The smart was a project of the watches and accessories brand Swatch. It is a car made to minimize the size as much as possible and maximize personal mobility in town. Its dimensions are very small and it has some attractive features as the option to change the plastic panels for other of a different color, and allow you to park in front of the street in the middle of the other cars parked parallel to the sidewalk. Swatch spoke first with Volkswagen, but thanks to Ferdinand Piech, who had other plans for a city car, they went to Mercedes-Benz to offer them to be their official engines supplier and also to get help with production. The name comes after an agreement reached to make it something neutral between the two companies, so 'smart' doesn't have to do something with a smart concept, but for "Swatch Mercedes Art". In the convertible version of the 2012 smart ForTwo you can retract the soft top as if it were a large sunroof or completely with the same button, but also you can remove the side supports and put a special compartment in the lid to trunk enjoy the outdoors altogether. This can be a problem if it starts raining unexpectedly because you have to stop the car, get off, open the trunk, install the two supports and close the hood from the inside. The new 2012 Smart ForTwo Passion Cabriolet is the cheapest convertible you can find right now in the US market.

    FIAT 500C

  • The new 2012 Fiat 500c Pop, which is the convertible model of this brand along with the Lounge, has a starting / MSRP price of $19,500
  • Fuel efficiency: 27 MPG City - 32 MPG Highway


  • It is cheerful as a sunny morning. This is the new Fiat convertible, the 500C. With just open its elegant and functional hood you can enjoy the sunshine while you drive around the city comfortably. The little Fiat 500C unfolds its soft top on the side supports that can not be removed, unlike the rivals that do allow it. Although it highlights and is also its biggest advantage, that the roof can be folded on the outside without taking up trunk space. At the vanguard of ecology, the 500C is equipped with the latest technology that reduces emissions of particulate pollutants and makes it saves fuel. Combines to perfection and elegantly the 3 colors offered for its top (ivory, red and black) with 11 available for upholstery. Fiat took care of every detail to the extreme to make your 500C unique in every way. The cabin is large enough in all its dimensions for four occupants, in fact, it is exactly the same space offered by the Fiat 500 coupe. Even the clear height, by the presence of the soft top, has suffered. The rear seat access is easy, but requires two actions: (1) tilting the seat with the lever of the upper vertex and (2) run the seat forward using the handle of the base of the front seats, without this last position has "memory" available. This little bug is our second candidate in the list of the new cheapest convertibles available this 2012.


  • The new 2012 Mazda MX-5 Miata Sport version is the cheapest one and has a starting / MSRP price of $23,470.
  • Fuel efficiency: 22 MPG City - 28 MPG Highway

  • With its 167 horsepower and open and elegant style, the Mazda Miata dazzles wherever you look at it. It has a responsiveness that will make you blow your head. It's lightweight, perfectly balanced and accurate. One of the reasons for which the Miata is the most popular two-seat sports car is its electronic stability program. Its reliable and incredible maneuverability, its body light and good sporty looks make it unique. According to Car And Driver, the Miata MX-5 is one of the top 10 convertibles of 2012. This is its seventh consecutive year and 13th overall since its debut. It comes with a 2.0L MZR DOHC, 167 horsepower, 16-valve 4-cylinder engine with variable valve timing (VVT). It also comes with an optional soft-top or electric retractable hardtop (PRHT). The MX-5 Miata 2012 was named the best TCO in its class by Kelley Blue Book's Possibly this is the best sports car under $25,000. This beautiful compact two-seater convertible (Roadster) is also characterized by having a longitudinal engine and rear-wheel drive, no transverse as the current trend of the automotive world. The MX-5 is a car that comes without complex to the market and has all the capacity to meet others more expensive of its class like the BMW Z4 price.


  • The new 2012 Mini Convertible base is the cheapest version of the 3 available in this type of body and has a starting. MSRP price of $25,650
  • Fuel efficiency: 30 MPG City - 35 MPG Highway

  • Of English design and German engineering, the Mini Cooper Convertible 2012 is an excellent choice within the range of small cars, among the most interesting features are its excellent handling, good fuel economy, the top is also a highlight thanks to its excellent performance. In addition, the Mini Company offers a series of customization options of high quality such as a dashboard with leather cover, exclusive wheels and leather upholstery with contrast. The Mini Cooper 2012 is available with two doors and a tailgate. The Cooper base comes standard with 15-inch alloy wheels, full power accessories, keyless entry, air conditioning, cruise control, driver seat with height-adjustable, leather seats (vinyl), floor mats, steering wheel leather, multicolor ambient lighting and sound equipment with six-speaker, CD player, HD radio, satellite radio, and auxiliary audio jack. The Cooper convertible models add 16" alloy wheels and sliding roof function. The Cooper Sport package adds 16" wheels on the rear window and 17" wheels on the convertible, fog lights, traction control, rear spoiler, and sports seats. The Mini Cooper Convertible is our 3rd position in the list of the cheapest new convertibles for sale under $30000 this 2012.


  • The new 2012 Chrysler 200 Convertible has a starting / MSRP price of $26,955
  • Fuel efficiency: 18 MPG City - 29 MPG Highway

  • The Chrysler 200 Convertible is a clear demonstration of the American brand wanting to improve a product formerly known as the Sebring, which had no greater success. This 2012 model with its semi-aggressive sporty cut shows a much more seductive and attractive option than its sedan brother in terms of design and style. Its new design, equipment, performance, handling, and refinement represents everything that Chrysler is, a mixture between softness and power. The Detroit company renewed completely the 200 Convertible 2012 to remove the stigma of being a vehicle used exclusively in rental car companies for the holidays. The amazing performance of this convertible continues in its train. The Pentastar V6 3.6L engine, spins the wheels 18" aluminum to the beat of its 283 horsepower, while the Electronic Stability Control (ESC) of the Chrysler 200, provides confidence and poise. To complement the fully independent suspension celebrates the contours and curves in any way. With clean and elegant lines, the familiar Chrysler grille and winged badge, LED accents in the headlights, LED taillights, nicely finished interior including a one-piece soft-touch instrument panel, armrest and premium touch throughout the vehicle, the 2012 Chrysler 200 Convertible offers purposeful design and affordable luxury for under $30000.

    Among the list of the cheapest convertibles for less than $30,000 for this 2012 you can also check:


  • The new 2012 / 2013 Ford Mustang V6 Convertible has a starting / MSRP price of $27,200 and is the cheapest of the 5 models available of this body.
  • Fuel efficiency: 31 MPG Highway



  • The new 2012 Mitsubishi Eclipse Spyder Convertible has a starting / MSRP price of $27,999
  • Fuel efficiency: 20 MPG City - 27 MPG Highway


  • In conclusion, owning a convertible car is a luxury and adventure that everyone should experience before dying. Looking at this list of the cheapest convertibles under $30,000 you realize you do not necessarily have to be rich to own a new one this 2012, if you don't have the cash in your pocket, with a good credit score you'll be paying low fees so that during some years you can live one of the most exciting experiences of life which are, handling, traveling and owning a convertible.

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    Written on: 06-12-2012 07:59pm    Title: Cheapest 2012 New Convertibles For Sale Under $30000 — Top 5  
    It isn't because JLo promote the Fiat 500C, but this little bug is so hot, perfect for me to go to the college and get an easy parking.
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    Written on: 07-07-2012 07:43am    Title: Cheapest 2012 New Convertibles For Sale Under $30000 — Top 5  
    I love the smart, it is perfect for going to the beach and parking in downtown smiley
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