Coolest New Cars For Teens

  • eclipse

    MITSUBISHI ECLIPSE. This sport car has a whole generation of young people feeling attracted for it.

Santa Monica, CA — A recent study made by TrueCar analyst which took into consideration the current prices of new cars, showed that Mitsubishi, Mazda and Volkswagen have the highest concentration of young buyers.

The study was based on available data from 2009 and also identified the best deals in different models for this population segment, based on annual sales.

The list, which shows the brands with the highest percentage of buyers with ages between 18 up to 34, is headed by Mitsubishi with 18,3%, whose more attractive models to this group are the Lancer and Eclipse.

These vehicle were followed by Mazda with 18%, thanks to its popular models, Mazda3 and Mazda6. Volkswagen is ranked in third position with 17,6% thanks to the GTI and Jetta models, which are the most demanded.

Nissan was fourth with 15,6% and MINI closed the Top 5 with 15%, leaving for the rest of the models in the industry, 10.8% of young buyers.

Although customer loyalty is not what it used to be, capturing younger buyers remains as a critical issue for the longevity of the manufacturers, because they don't only buy cars for themselves, but usually, they influence the buying decisions of their family and friends.

Contrary to this, brands which have the lowest percentage of buyers in the group of teenagers and youngsters, are the divisions of the big ones of Detroit, such as Buick, with only 3,6%, Lincoln with 4% and Cadillac with 5,1%.

What about GM vehicles

These three manufacturers produce 8 of 10 vehicles with the lowest percentage of buyers under 34 years, according to the research, being the Cadillac DTS with the lower demand, with only 1,1%, though the bottom of the list also includes two Cadillac models, two from Buick and two from Lincoln.

To increase the value of this information, were added the 10 models with the best discounts and incentives that appeal to young drivers.

Leading the list, based on the information of with the highest percentage of MSRP, is the Mitsubishi Lancer, which offers a possible discount of 25%, while the Nissan Titan and the Jeep Commander, show discounts of up to 30%.

Other options that also have high demand because of their discounts and specials, are the Mazda Mazda3, MINI Cooper, Honda Fit, Audi A3, Subaru Impreza and the Acura TSX.