Volkswagen Jetta TDI Vs Ford Focus: Which One Is Better

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    WHICH ONE IS BETTER? FORD FOCUS OR VW JETTA. A battle in which the Focus is raised in victory, but a battle does not mean that war is won, we are confident that the German brand Volkswagen will continue to improve its already classic and famous model Jetta.

T he arrival of the Ford Focus can change things in the compact sedan segment, bearing in mind that the Jetta has been able to position itself as one of the most desired models and offers what its targeted customers are looking for, Ford now wears designer clothes and took the stage ready to teach everything, does it have the attributes? It seems so.

The Focus was not really emphasized until now, which presumes a very vanguard design, advanced technology, high security and comfort that it seems we are facing a Lincoln and not a Ford. A successful move but also very necessary in order to take away to the host a small slice of the pie. For purposes of this inevitable confrontation we chose the highest versions of each: Focus SEL Plus and Jetta TDI DSG.

The good from the Ford Focus:

  • Chassis tuning
  • Motor response
  • Level of equipment

The good from the Jetta TDI

  • Powertrain response
  • Interior space
  • Trunk capacity

What is missing in the Ford Focus

  • Faster transmission
  • Stiffer suspension
  • Largest tire adhesion

What is missing in the VW Jetta TDI

  • Independent Rear
  • Suspension
  • Major equipment
  • ESP and more airbags as standard

Love at first sight

The exterior design subject is something that can be understood differently by each pair of eyes that watch these cars. In this way we can not describe which one looks better or has the more carefully proportions, because everybody has different taste for everything.

What is true is that while the Jetta keeps the commitment to maintaining unchanged the brand's DNA injected in most of its models, in combination with a rear that clearly emulates to the Audi A4, the Focus has little to do with its predecessor and other relatives range. Their shapes are more aggressive and opt for a bolder silhouette. It is a sedan that wanting or not, distills sportiness.

  • focus interior river view

    FORD FOCUS 2012 INTERIOR. The Ford Focus uses better quality materials than the VW Jetta in its interior.

Inside is where the differences begin to make wide distances. In both highlights the quality and care in terms of assembly. But if we talk about the materials, the Ford Focus with wide advantage exceeds the Jetta. Practically all plastics to the hand are smooth, rough and dull, compared to all hard materials and some even shiny in the Jetta. A decision by Volkswagen of America to lower costs and compete more aggressively on price with the Honda Civic, the Toyota Corolla and others in the same range, a strategy that did not follow the younger son of the house of the blue oval. In a matter of interior space, the Jetta has a slight advantage because its length is somewhat larger (464 vs. 454 cm) that allows a couple of inches in the legs and a trunk of greater volume (one of the best in the segment).

Intimacies of the Ford Focus

  • The automatic parking system allows the car to calculate the movements to enter the parking space. You just move pedals and shifter.
  • Is among the few cars that have in the trunk jumper cables.
  • Although it has dual-clutch Power-shift box, there aren't levers for the changes behind the wheel but buttons on the handle.
  • The side mirrors have a convex section to eliminate the blind spot.
  • As in other Ford cars, you can choose from several colors for ambient lighting inside.

Intimacies of the VW Jetta

  • Unlike the basic models, the TDI has disc brakes on all four wheels.
  • The stereo has Auxiliary input and SD card, but not USB.
  • The spare wheel is full size.
  • The brake pedal feel is as premium car.
  • Removed the rear outputs of air conditioning.

Points to consider

  • The main difference between the Focus and the Jetta is the level of equipment.
  • In a matter of safety, the Focus SEL has a series of six airbags, ABS brakes, traction and stability control, rain sensor and automatic lights.
  • The Ford Focus has a power driver seat, dual-zone automatic climate control, rear camera, parking sensors on both bumpers, sunroof, audio system with multi-touch screen and auxiliary inputs (USB, RCA, etc).
  • Interior with lighting color selector, 17 wheels, trip computer with color display, rearview mirrors with "blind spot eliminator" and even a system that parks the car automatically.
  • The Jetta has a radio with touch screen (and browser optional), manual air conditioning, leather-like garments (leatherette), trip computer, sunroof and wheels 16" (in the Jetta Sport 2.5 they are 17 ").
  • The steering is also more accurate in the Focus, and although both have electric assist, Ford presumes the additional functions such as compensation that eliminates vibration in the steering wheel when the floor is irregular or when the brake discs are warped.
  • But where the VW Jetta does shine a lot is in the engine and transmission. The 2.0-liter TDI power of 140 HP and speed of response of the well known and polished dual-clutch DSG transmission can not be compared, and give it dyes even sports.

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