Cheap New 2013 Car/Crossover/SUV Under $15000: Kia Soul

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Written on: 01-14-2013 03:26pm    Title: Cheap New 2013 Car/Crossover/SUV Under $15000: Kia Soul
There are some cars that by their own genetics can be described as serious, formal, elegant, sporty, etc. There are many adjectives, but if it is the Kia Soul 2013, the word that defines it in the best way is fun. The Kia model launched four years ago at the Paris Motor Show as part of the transformation focused on the design of the brand had a radical renovation for this 2013.


The class or category to which belongs this vehicle is a real dilemma. For some experts like Jason Fogelson from, the Kia Soul is considered an SUV, for others, it is just a car or hatchback with a rare and unique design, at Autopten we think it is a crossover, but independent of your determination about it, this Kia Soul is still one of the cheapest new 2013 vehicles that you currently can get in the U.S. under $15,000 considering the price suggested by its manufacturer which is only $14,400.

The Soul was the first vehicle among its competitors to offer the fuel-saving technology Idle Stop and Go (ISG), which turns off the engine when the vehicle is not in motion, as in the red light or in traffic. The engine restarts automatically when you stop pressing the brake, which results in lower levels of consumption.

This iconic hatchback returns to the Kia lineup with a fresh and improved look, more power, and the same creative and new presence that consumers have come to love in this compact crossover leader in its segment. With adjustments and a considerable amount of technological and operational improvements, the Soul is a leading vehicle among of its kind as far as horsepower is concerned and provides a significant improvement in fuel efficiency, which is up to 30 mpg on highways, a nice quantity for an SUV which you can fill its gas tank up with only 12.7 gallons.

The 2013 Kia Soul looks different because it is different with a unique inside and out styling and its 10-year/100,000 miles warranty. This modern hatchback has received praise for its large interior space and cargo. In America, the Soul has been a success in sales. In the first year of marketing in 2009, Kia sold more than 31,000 units, while the following year doubled the figure and in 2011 surpassed the 100,000 vehicles sold. At this point, the Kia Soul was the second model requested last year.

Kia Soul 2013 Interior - Inside, Kia makes evident how well they have solved the issue of space for the driver and its four passengers. The cabin has a very good size and the instruments are fairly simple to interpret. The audio system is one of the things that are worth highlighting.

The Korean brand has worked hard to provide an attractive Soul from the first impression, but has also endeavored in the comfort of the functional part and has turned it into a responsible car with the environment.

For the 2013 model, the Soul has three versions available in the market: the Soul Base (available in 6-speed manual and auto transmission), the Soul+ (also available in manual and 6-speed auto transmission) and the Soul! (available only in an automatic transmission). The Kia Soul Base comes with a 4-cylinder 1.6L 138-hp engine while the Soul + and the Soul! come with a 4-cylinder 2.0L 164-hp engine. The truth is that in both cases the horsepower of all versions ends up being enough to move with ease and agility, especially in complicated large cities. The figures that cast both engines are very similar in performance.

New Kia Soul 2013 / Front - Although it looks small from the outside, it has a lot of airs of superiority. If you get it from the dealership you will have a lot of custom touches and unique colors inside and out for you to choose from.

The 2013 Kia Soul has gained ground slowly in the public taste although it has not been easy. The new and cutting-edge design proposals always end up being difficult to digest. The bid offered by the Korean company is clear and risky, but certainly includes ingredients that can lead it to become a winning formula.

All Soul models have a redesigned interior, a significant improvement in the levels of noise, vibration, and harshness, and many new standard features, including height and depth adjustment of the steering wheel, stability control, and gradability attendance.

Trunk Space - This photo was taken from and it belongs to an article written by Emily who tells the great experience she had traveling from Las Vegas to Park City, Utah in a Kia Soul. This is a real review of this vehicle by a real owner.

It was named "Active Lifestyle Vehicle of the Year" in its category at the ninth annual ALV Awards. This award in the category of urban vehicle is subsequent to other recently earned awards, among them the "Top Tailgating Car for 2012" and "Top Back-To-School Car", both given by Kelley Blue Book. We can not ignore that this vehicle can be labeled as which changed all the patterns of the brand design.

In conclusion, it must be recognized the risk that Kia has made in the design of the new 2013 Soul, which has been tuned to simply put it a better "face". The performance is of a responsible car and its natural habitat is the big cities. This car, SUV, crossover, or whatever you want to classify it, is an excellent choice for young people who demand everything in a new affordable car that isn't only cheap but also includes more than you expect and you only will pay $15,000 or less for it.

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Written on: 01-14-2013 06:16pm    Title: Cheap New 2013 Car - Crossover - SUV Under $15000: Kia Soul  
I have a friend that owns one of these little SUVs and he is happy with it so far. It should be a good vehicle because this guy has never taken its Kia to the auto shop and he never does its regular maintenance on time neither.
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Written on: 01-14-2013 08:52pm    Title: Cheap New 2013 Car - Crossover - SUV Under $15000: Kia Soul  
I've heard that one of the best features of this car is its factory sound system.
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Written on: 01-16-2013 01:49pm    Title: Cheap New 2013 Car - Crossover - SUV Under $15000: Kia Soul  
It is good for younger people and those who like to modify cars, I don't think it is a good vehicle for girls.
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