Most Popular Cars On Facebook

  • mustang fb page cover

    MOST POPULAR CAR ON FACEBOOK. The Ford Mustang Facebook page is the most followed vehicle on the social network.

Virtual or online life is as important as the real one, and major automakers are aware of this. The work of car brands to gain popularity on social networking sites like Facebook or Twitter has become particularly important in recent times, where online presence is crucial for marketing, visibility and the commitment with customers. Those millions of users who use Facebook every day, share on the network not only their friends and photos, but also their tastes and trends for brands and products, and among these, are cars and their favorite models.

The following are the most popular cars in Facebook, bearing in mind they have the pages with the largest number of fans.

Ford Mustang

The Pony is in first place of models with more fans on Facebook. With 1.3 million followers, the Ford Mustang shows that is a living icon, as well as a car of cult around the world.

Ford Mustang Facebook page

Mitsubishi Lancer EVO

The EVO is a super sporty version of the classic Mitsubishi Lancer. With 281,000 supporters on Facebook is located in the second position of the models with more fans in the social network.

Mitsubishi Lancer EVO Facebook page

Honda Civic

The popular Honda model completes the podium in this list. With 241 thousand followers, the 38 year life of this model have demonstrated that it is about to become a classic of the automotive industry that promises to reach many generations.

Honda Civic Facebook page

Ford Focus

The tendency of Ford's advertising for their new products looks being in the right direction. This points to gain young audience by unconventional means, and this seems to be the case of the Focus. With 227 thousand followers is located in the fourth location of this list.

Ford Focus Facebook page

Dodge Challenger

With the Dodge Challenger occurs something similar to what happens with the Ford Mustang. They are icons in the industry, have reached several generations and aim to a very special audience. With 143 thousand followers in Facebook ranked fifth in this list.

Dodge Challenger Facebook page

Audi A4

It is surprising that the first Audi model appears on the sixth place, when the Audi (USA) site stands in third place of brands with more fans. Even so, with 135 thousand followers the A4 is the European model with more fans on Facebook.

Audi A4 Facebook page

Alfa Romeo Guilietta

A rare case, considering that it is not a model that is sold worldwide. Even after the rebirth of the Italian brand in recent years, it has also aroused the interest of his followers. With 116 thousand fans in Facebook is situated in the seventh position in this list. Alfa Romeo Guilietta Facebook fan page.

Alfa Romeo Guilietta Facebook page

Nissan Leaf

It was hoped that the Nissan Leaf add many followers, as it is the first all-electric car sold massively in United States. Its goodness and green car features have taken it to the eighth position in this list with 88 thousand followers.

Nissan Leaf Facebook page


The BMW X5 is the first SUV to enter this list. Another unusual case since the site of the BMW brand is the one that has more fans and could expect a better placement. With 108 thousand fans on Facebook is situated in the ninth position in this list.

BMW X5 Facebook page

Ford Fiesta

The Ford Fiesta is a classic of the oval brand sold worldwide. With its arrival to the U.S. seems to be also increased its number of fans in the social network. The Ford Fiesta takes the tenth on this list with 93 thousand fans.

Ford Fiesta Facebook page

The presence on social networking sites like Facebook or Twitter has become an element almost mandatory for any company or brand. It is not only to increase visibility, social tools allow consumers to interact with the brands of their preferences in a way completely different than experienced before. The advantage is for the company with more creativity and the automotive industry, by its nature, provides the elements to make imagination fly and offer to the avid users innovative forms of entertainment that become a bond with the brand.

* The number of fans of the Facebook pages of the cars discussed in this article were taken as reference on April 11th, 2011.