Ford Mustang Golf Cart

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Written on: 06-16-2015 12:53pm    Title: Ford Mustang Golf Cart

For fans of this sport, there is nothing better than enjoying an afternoon playing golf with friends, where a golf cart also becomes a great ally to ease the walk through the 18 holes. With one, with the design and style of the Ford Mustang, you'd be the envy of all.

This little Mustang was manufactured by a company in Palm Desert, California, called Caddyshack Golf Cars, a specialist in this type of peculiar creations. This electric golf cart with Mustang style was authorized by Ford and carries its official insignia. Its price is expected to be around $16,000 or less.

The model, though with measures a bit disproportionate, looks like a true American pony car as it incorporates functional head and tail lights as well as SVT aluminum wheels of 12".

Ford Mustang Golf Cart pictures

Sadly, it doesn't offer V6 engines and much less a V8 as its 'daddy', but a moderate electric engine that delivers a range of thirty-five miles and a maximum speed of 19 miles per hour in flat road.

This prototype may not have the 'pepper' of the conventional model, but ... Is there anything better than spending a sunny afternoon playing golf and driving a Mustang?

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Written on: 06-17-2015 11:21am    Title: Ford Mustang Golf Cart  
Je! good for those Californians with enough money to spend $16,000 dollars in this toy. I'd buy a new real car with that amount.
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