New Toyota Corolla 2014: The Best Selling Car For Under $17000

  • new toyota corolla 2014 white

    Showcase of the new Toyota Corolla 2014

  • toyota corolla 2014 white front

    Front view of the new Toyota Corolla 2014

  • toyota corolla 2014 introduction detroit auto show

    Introduction of the Corolla 2014 during the Detroit Auto Show

  • rear view new toyota corolla 2014

    Rear View

  • lateral view corolla 2014

    Lateral View

  • new corolla 2014 front instruments panel dashboard

    The passenger compartment shows a very functional look, with a typical Japanese instrument panel of straight design very similar to the one included with the European Auris model.

Toyota introduced the eleventh generation of the car that through 47 years of history has become the best-selling car in the world, the Corolla 2014.

The Corolla is a very important vehicle for Toyota, it is manufactured in 16 different locations and is marketed in 154 countries, needless to say then that a new generation of this model is global news.

Perhaps the biggest news is that the firm has decided to give it a more aggressive and attractive design to a vehicle that traditionally offered boring and conservative shapes. The new result may or may not like, but there is no denying that the manufacturer has endeavored to at least make it look modern and consistent with the designs of competitors such as Ford Focus, Mazda3 and the Nissan Sentra.

  • steering wheel dashboard front seats cabin instruments panel corolla 2014

    Front interior, passenger and cabin driver view of the new Toyota Corolla 2014 LE Eco.

The Toyota Corolla 2014 has taken as a basis a new design language called "Iconic Dynamism" which was presented for the first time in the Furia Concept that debuted at the past Detroit auto show. Now it retakes the front design of the Camry, though with sharper and more prominent outlines, while the back also has more dramatic lines.

  • front view corolla 2014 brown

    The new Toyota Corolla keeps a continuity design with a conventional three-box format, and with features that fit to the recent launches of the brand.

New intelligent gearbox

Toyota joins the group of brands that are using continuously variable transmissions. The new Corolla will use a gearbox CVTi-s (the "I" is for intelligent and "S" for shift) that according to Toyota eliminates the feeling of poor response and excessive noise, facts that have generated many detractors of this type of gearboxes.

Even, Toyota says that engineers have developed a way to emulate the operation of a traditional automatic transmission incorporating a slight feeling that shifts are being made.

  • rear seat toyota corolla 2014

    Rear Seat - The new model offers a striking exterior design and modern interior with a premium touch.

New Valvematic sytem

Such transmission is coupled to two different four-cylinder engines, both 1.8-liter. The entry version that includes VVT-i technology develops 132 horsepower, while the LE Eco variant will include an engine equipped with a new system called Valvematic that according to the brand, offers a wider range of control over the operation of the intake valves (not the exhaust), which results in improved fuel efficiency of just over 5%, as well as power that reaches 140 horsepower.

Either way, the basic version of the new Toyota Corolla will be offered with six-speed manual transmission or a traditional 4-speed automatic, leaving the CVT gearbox only for equipped versions.

  • toyota corolla 2014 in motion

    This is how the Corolla 2014 really looks on the streets.

Interior and equipment

On the interior, there is a remarkable gain of space especially for the rear seat and in accordance with the brand, the Corolla offers the quieter interior of the segment, thanks to the use of better insulation materials in carpets, windshield, dashboard, etc.

The Corolla offers on all models as standard equipment, LED lighting lamps, 8 airbags, stability control (VSC), traction control (TRAC), ABS, EDB and Blue-tooth connectivity, while depending on the version selected will be added elements such as automatic air conditioning, multifunction display, navigation, key-less start button and voice commands.

Models and prices

  • The starting price of the new Corolla 2014 base is $16,800 according to the brand site.
  • It has an estimated EPA fuel economy that ranges from 29 MPG within the city and 37 MPG on highways.
  • it is available on "L", "LE", "LE Eco" and "S", being the "L" model the cheapest one and the "S" with the best equipment included and with a manufacturer suggested price that starts in $19,000.
  • The overall owner satisfaction rating of the Toyota Corolla 2013 in the KBB is 8.5 out of 10. Read reviews here.
  • The overall owner satisfaction rating on for the 2013 model is 4.4 out of 5. Read more reviews here.
  • One of the most interested facts according to Toyota is that 80% of the Corollas sold in the last 20 years, are still on road. What does this mean? when you buy a Corolla, you are buying reliability and durability, in other words, you are buying a car for the whole life that won't give you any stress.

Rating: 3.8 out of 5.0