Mitsubishi Outlander Sport 2014 - Best SUV For Women Under $20000

  • familiar suv

    FAMILY SUV. The Outlander Sport is one of the best and most affordable SUVs for those who love their family.

  • white outlander suv

    2014 MITSUBISHI OUTLANDER SPORT. A new SUV from the three diamonds brand.

  • silver

    SILVER MODEL - LATERAL VIEW. The new 2014 Outlander Sport has better fuel efficiency thanks to it was built 220 pounds lighter than the previous generation.


It is known that the 2014 Mitsubishi Outlander Sport has the Top Safety Pick Plus recognition in the compact crossover segment, and give by the IIHS (Insurance Institute for Highway Safety) in the U.S..

Technical and mechanical features

The engine that the Outlander Sport carries is the same in all versions. This is a 2.0L four-cylinder with 16 valves, the power is 148-hp at 6,000 rpm, while torque is 145 lb-ft available from 4,200 rpm. The transmission is automatic CVT with manual mode.

  • engine

    ENGINE. Every Outlander Sport 2014 model is equipped with a 2.0L MIVEC engine of 148-hp.

It comes with power steering, McPherson front suspension and rear multi-link. In the safety area it has seven airbags, brake assist, traction and stability control, ABS brakes as well as hill start assistance which I have to say, it works perfectly.


The cabin is for five seats. The rear legroom is quite generous and much appreciated when you carry three passengers.

All instruments are easy to read and are within reach. The front and side visibility is very good, although in the rear area or through the rear window is a bit small, but here is where you get a great support given by the reverse camera.

  • front interior dashboard

    FRONT INTERIOR & DASHBOARD. The Outlander came out in its first generation from 2003 to 2006, was renovated from 2007 to 2013 and now hit the market for its third generation.

Seats, as well as the steering wheel, are leather wrapped. Driver and passenger seats are heated. Lights are bi-xenon headlights and wipers have automatic ignition system. This nice SUV comes also with beautiful 18" aluminum wheels.

  • gps infotainment system

    INFOTAINMENT SYSTEM. The four-wheel drive system S-AWD, the most advanced of the Mitsubishi, is shares with other models like the legendary Lancer Evolution.

It features an infotainment system with seven-inch touch screen which has browser, Bluetooth connection to make phone calls and Bluetooth Audio to play music from your smartphone. You can connect an iPod via USB and also provides auxiliary (AUX) audio input.


Being in command of this vehicle the first thing you will perceive behind the wheel is a very comfortable steering. The turns are docile while simultaneously you perceive the bearing of the SUV on the road, which will give you great confidence to control the vehicle to your liking.

  • behind the steering wheel

    STEERING WHEEL. The Outlander Sport uses the trimmed platform of the Outlander.

Regarding the suspension, I would say it is very soft, and high enough to avoid problems when going over bumps or holes that you hardly will feel. The suspension also fits perfectly when cornering or taking sudden turns on steep slopes.

It is worth noting that despite its height, the weight distribution and suspension, do a good job since the feeling of understeer is zero, while the center of gravity despite being high is lessened considerably.

  • gearbox

    GEARBOX. The Super All Wheel Control System has four drive modes: ECO, Normal, Snow and Lock.

The way the engine works together with the CVT gearbox is quite acceptable for a crossover of its kind. The acceleration is progressive but if you step on the pedal fully, it gives an overwhelming response. Obviously, revolutions go almost to the top and that affects the fuel consumption.

In route with climbs and steep streets, the average ascent speed without forcing much the machine reaches up to 74 mph.

  • lateral view interior

    FRONT INTERIOR LATERAL VIEW. Its handling is smooth, has good stability and different driving modes according to the type of road.

When you drive this SUV in manual mode and you shift the transmission with the paddles behind the wheel, the performance in this case, is not very accurate to say, so it stops being fun. At the end, if you want to enjoy the Outlander to the fullest, I recommend to handle it in automatic mode.

About the braking, it is necessary to point out that it becomes too docile, or at least for my taste, this doesn't mean it's bad, simply when you step on the brake, it is very fluffy and you feel like it is a little bit long, maybe this happens only with the model I tested, but anyway, it's worth mentioning.

  • rear seats interior view


Finally, the average combined gas mileage was 23 mpg, which is a very good figure, given the size and type of vehicle.


The best and most remarkable of the Mitsubishi Outlander Sport is its attractive design which steals glances. The interior space and equipment, which is indispensable to travel comfortably with the family, is excellent too. The fuel consumption which helps to save some money each week, is very good and better than many other SUVs in its class.

  • front view from rear


One of the things that I particularly would like to improve on the Outlander, would be the propellant of this vehicle, for example, one with more power to make it more fun. Although, being honest, to be an SUV with a well-defined market (professional women, mothers, housewives) is not what is sought primarily, but that already mentioned in the previous paragraph.

  • in motion

    IN MOTION. The new generation of the Mitsubishi Outlander is more environmentally friendly, with low CO2 emissions and excellent fuel efficiency.

Currently, the Mitsubishi Outlander Sport 2014 is being sold in the U.S. in two different models, the ES and the SE. Both of them are available in the different drives, FWD (Front Wheel Drive) and AWC (All Wheel Control). The cheapest one of these models is the ES FWD version, which starts at $19,470 and is the only one model that is priced for below $20000. The SE AWC is the most expensive model which starts at $23,995, and comes with all the luxury and toys. (6.1-inch touchscreen audio display with rearview camera, SiriusXM® Satellite Radio, Super-wide High-Intensity Discharge (HID) headlights, Automatic climate control, Rain-sensing windshield wipers, FAST-Key electronic entry and start system, heated seats, etc). But anyway, for being an "under $20000 SUV", it is amazing, comes with all the equipment you need to have a comfortable ride, and the perfect size for those women who like small utilitarian vehicles.

Check the Outlander Sport commercial for 2014 and see how beautiful you or your wife would look behind the wheel of this beautiful SUV.

Rating: 4.0 out of 5.0