Honda Civic is the Best Selling Car in the U.S.

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    NEW HONDA CIVIC SEDAN. The battle to claim the title of the best-selling compact sedan in America for October 2013 has been won by the Honda Civic selling 23,705 more units than its eternal rival, the Toyota Corolla.

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According to the results of car sales in the U.S. for the month of October 2013, the Honda Civic overtook the Toyota Corolla in units sold, making it the best-selling compact sedan in America.

Honda was able to sell 27,328 units of the Civic in the past month, while Toyota sold 23,637 Corolla vehicles. So far this year, 280.899 Civic and 257,184 Corolla units have been commercialized in the country, in other words, Honda sold 23,705 more Civics than Toyota with the Corolla .

In the third place, far away from the two previous models is the Chevrolet Cruze with 16,087 vehicles sold during October. The fourth place was taken by the Ford Focus, with 15,108 units sold.

To complement the data of the 10 best-selling cars in North America, we have in fifth place to the Hyundai Elantra with 14,876 units sold, followed by the Volkswagen Jetta with 11,710, the Nissan Sentra with 8,399, the Mazda3 with 7,647, the Dodge Dart with 5,617 and finally the Subaru Impreza / WRX with 4,923 vehicles.

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    HONDA SALES FIGURES. This Honda sales figures report chart for October 2013 shows Civic sales up 32% over October 2012. The Honda CR-V set a new sales record last month. American Honda Motor Co., Inc. has an increase in sales of 7.1% compared with last year. Its Acura division also has an increase in sales of 17.5% compared to October 2012. Sales figures of the Civic for October were the best since 2001. Enlarge Image >>

Car Sales Chart October 2012 / 2013

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Courtesy of MotorTrend.

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