Where to Find Cheap Used Cars in North Carolina NC

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    You can find cheap cars for sale in any state of USA, but if you want a good car, in good condition, even after the 100k miles for a good price, refer to North Carolina, where people know how to drive and how to take care of a car.

North Carolina - If you are one of the thousand of victims of the economy situation of the country and you are looking for where to buy an economy used car, I'm going to tell you where to find cheap used cars in North Carolina in its main and most populous cities. North Carolina, known as the old North State and one of the states that is located in the South region, bordering on the West side with Tennessee, South with South Carolina, Southeast with Georgia, Virginia to the North, and East by the Atlantic Ocean. North Carolina is surrounded by the Appalachian chain of mountains, making it one of the major natural destinations of the country. But anyway, let's go to the important point of this article: Where to go to find under-priced used cars in NC on its bigger or most important cities.

Most populous cities to find cheap cars in North Carolina

According to a forum post I found surfing on-line at city-data.com, the next are the largest cities where you can find good inexpensive cars in North Carolina. Bear in mind that for "inexpensive cars" we understand vehicles that are being sold for under $5000 dollars or less, which is relatively speaking, an affordable price or a price that with an approved finance, you can easily pay with very low monthly fees, and of course, cars that belong to the "used cars" category. The other cities not listed here are located around of these I'm going to mention, so here is the list where I am going to focus on this research:

  • Charlotte
  • Raleigh
  • Greensboro

Where to find cheap cars in Charlotte, NC

Looking for in the many of the car for sale resources existing on-line, we have visited the sites of some of the Charlotte car dealerships to determine where you can find the cheapest used in North Carolina, in this case for those residents of the "queen city" how is Charlotte known.

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    The West side of the Queen city, is the best area to find the most affordable used cars in Charlotte.

Rock Hill Public Auto Auction - www.rockhillpublicauction.com

Although it is not located in Charlotte, Rock Hill, a city from South Carolina, is no more than 15 minutes away from the south of Charlotte and you can find on its dealership lot many used cars for sale available for under $5000 dollars. Probably they have the cheapest vehicles in North Carolina, but we are holding it for another further post.

Journey Auto Sales - www.journeyautosales.net

Journey Auto sales provides quality, affordable, pre-owned cars to Charlotte and the surrounding area. This is another good dealership to find a vehicle if you are looking low-priced cars around Charlotte. They have a good amount of used cars on sale for under $5000 too.

Adams Auto Group - Find them at AutoTrader.com

Probably Adams Auto Group doesn't have a lot of cheap cars for under $5000 as we would like to state, but they have some and many more for under $10,000 which isn't so cheap but neither so expensive. So give them a visit at 6027 N. Tryon St. Charlotte, NC 28213.

Where to find cheap cars in Raleigh, NC

Looking for in the many of the cars for sale resources existing on-line, we have visited the sites of some of the cheapest car dealerships in Raleigh to determine where you can find the most affordable cars in North Carolina, in this case for those living in the "Oaks City" how is Raleigh known. Definitely one of the favorite cities for those people looking for affordable cars for sale, is this state. If you live in Cary, Garner, Durham, Fuquay Varina, Knightdale, Wake Forest or Chapel Hill, the dealers I will mention below, will also work for you since these cities are close or around Raleigh.

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    The Capital Boulevard on Raleigh, is known for having car dealers lot in every corner, from the most expensive ones to the cheapest ones.

Imports Performance Inc - www.importsperformanceinc.com

Located at Capital Blvd, the main street of Raleigh, where most of the dealers show their cars on the street, Imports Performance Inc., offers many cheap cars under $5000 and many more for those which budgets of up to $10,000. So, if you are really looking for great dealers and where to find quality and affordable vehicles in NC, we truly recommend you visit this dealer in Raleigh.

Silverstate Imports - www.silverstateimports.net

Another great dealership located on Capital Blvd., with a good inventory of nice cars under $5000. The advantage of Silverstate Imports is that they aren't the typical local and small dealer lot selling used cars with doubtful origin. If you visit to its office, you will immediately notice that you are entering in a professional dealership where you can buy a used car with confidence.

Skyline Motors of Raleigh - www.skylinemotorsofraleigh.com

Incredible inventory where you can browse a list of many pre-owned cars priced for less than $5000 dollars. From Mercedes-Benz to Nissan up to Honda cars. Skyline Motors is one of the greatest dealerships where you can go if you are looking for where to find clean, reliable, and good looking cars at a price you can afford. Located as the other two mentioned above at 1108 Capital Boulevard. We are sure that you won't be disappointed if you go and check out its inventory of cars for sale personally.

Where to find cheap cars in Greensboro

Searching in the many of the cars for sale resources existing online, we have visited the site of some of the cheapest car dealerships in Greensboro to determine where else you can find cars at low prices in North Carolina, for those living in the third-largest city of NC by population, in case you couldn't find anything worthy in Raleigh or Charlotte. If you live in the Piedmont region of central North Carolina or other cities like High Point, Winston Salem or Burlington, these dealers could also work as a reference for you as they are really close to Greensboro.

Impex Auto Sales - www.impexautosales.com

What about a Saturn SL with 111k miles for only $2,300? or perhaps you are a Honda Civic cars enthusiastic, well if so, they have one at this moment for only $2,800. So, Impex Auto Sales, with an inventory of almost 300 used cars in stock, the cheapest one starting for less than $2000, is the best dealership in Greensboro where you can find many cheap used cars. Go to its lot or just check its on-line inventory by yourself, and you will be amazed of how affordable are its prices, and also check what they have ready that suit your taste. A Honda Accord 1993 for $3,650 dollars, it is not the kind of cheap used car you are looking for? I bet it is.

Auto Center - www.autocentresales.com

At the moment of this research, Auto Center has an inventory of 18 cars for sale for under $5000. What does this mean? Yes, they also love to sell affordable cars to their customers. Although this car dealer isn't located in Goldsboro, its lot is so close of the town in Thomasville. So, are you looking for a Ford Explorer year 2000 priced for less tan $3,500? well, they have it at this moment, so act now and get the car you want for a price you can afford. They have many other preowned vehicles for sale for under $10,000.

So if you couldn't find the car your are looking for at the price you can afford and fit your budget or you just simply aren't satisfied with this list of dealers, you can also go to one of the greatest car resources online, where for sure, you will find many more cheap used cars in North Carolina (cars.com). Just check that crazy list of cars for sale starting as low as $500 dollars only.

These lists of dealers and dealerships where you can find economical cars in North Carolina, also work for people living in other NC cities around like Durham, Cary, Garner, High Point, Asheville, Burlington, Chapel Hill, Wilmington, Wilson, Middle Sex, Knightdale, Siler City, Rocky Mount, Franklinton, Asheville, etc.