How To Know If I Need To Replace My Old Cheap Car

  • junk car

    JUNK CAR. Probably, it is time to take your car to the junker and get a new one.

Old and cheap used cars need more economic investment to keep them in good condition than new ones, enough reason to consider changing your precarious vehicle for a newer and better one. If you've lately considered it, we'll give you some other signs and reasons of why you should take action now, at the end, the expense you'll save on maintenance, repairs and fuel, will offset the investment. So, how do you know that your old used car sucks and needs to be replaced soon?

junk car paint

1 - If the painting is "almost original" but it has some "decorative" scratches.

junk car upholstery

2 - Sun has almost destroyed the cloth or the upholstery of the seats.

junk car stereo

3 - The radio of your cheap car works, but no longer has the knob to turn it on.

junk car engine

4 - The engine of your old car sounds like a wild animal asking for help.

junk car mirrors

5 - Your car does not have the passenger side mirror... and you can not remember if it ever had.

shitty car in sidewalk

6 - You have to brake one week in advance if you don't want crashing your car with the sidewalk.

junk car doors

7 - The driver's door does not open, you have to use the passenger's door.

junk car fast food

8 - When you buy food in a drive-thru you have to open the door because the window does not work.

junk car bad paint

9 - Your aged 4-wheels partner sucks, if you don't remember what color it was when you bought it!.

junk car in junkyard

10 - Your antique cheap car sucks if some of your friends have told you that your car would look better in the junkyard.

Buying a newer or better car isn't just about being "fashionable", there are other important reasons why you should consider changing your old cheap car for a newer one, such as:

  • Old cars pollute the environment more.
  • Costs of maintaining an old car are greater.
  • It is more difficult to find parts for older cars.
  • If your car is old and cheap, it probably does not have the ABS braking system which most cars have today and which allows a car to stop quickly on slippery road conditions avoiding serious accidents.
  • Avoid tragedies. The bodywork on old cars, contrary to what its strength might suggest, causes further harms to the occupants in a crash. The new bodies have ample crush zones that absorb the impact energy, affecting as little as possible to passengers.
  • Cheap old cars are more unsafe by not having all the technology and requirements that today cars.
  • When you sell your old car and buy a new one, you help to reactivate the economy.
  • Probably your cheap old car still costs a few dollars if you want to sell it, in a couple of years you probably could sell it in at junkyard

It is important to remember that auto assemblers companies periodically launch new more modern, elegant and ecological vehicles, so at the end of the year, it is a good option to change your car.

So, do you have friends driving cheap old used cars that should be at the junkyard? tell us why you think so.