Cheapest Hybrid & Electric Cars

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    HYBRID CARS. Get them for less than $30,000.

A hybrid is just a vehicle of low fuel consumption with dual motors, an electric motor and a gasoline-powered alternative. It also has a system specially designed that captures the braking energy and transfers it to the battery to keep it charged at all times.

Actually, having two engines has pros and cons. On the one hand, the electric motors do not take any energy when they are stopped, in fact, simply turn it off and therefore it will use less gas when speed is low. Gasoline engines are more effective at high speeds and therefore provide a more powerful drive, but during the stop or while going on a trip or low-speed, the electric motor will be sufficient without costing you money and smog to the environment. When you reach higher speeds, usually 40 miles per gallon, the gas engine will start to come into play and will allow car owners to travel quickly on the highway.

The hybrid technology in cars is becoming increasingly accessible to all. The prices of hybrid and electric cars have been greatly reduced and there are very good models like one of the next 10 vehicles that can be purchased as cheap as under $30,000:

10. Lexus CT 200h - $29,120

It is the most affordable and smaller Lexus. It comes with a hybrid propulsion system which is technically the same as the Prius. It has a heat engine Atkinson 1.8 VVT-i with 99 hp and one 82 hp electric motor, the combined power is 136 hp.

9. Ford Fusion Hybrid - $28,600

The ideal choice for the family that points to the ecological. Has room for five people and comes well equipped with features like reverse parking assistance, platform, Ford Sync and SIRIUS Satellite Radio. Fuel Economy: 36 mpg Hwy / 41 mpg City.

8. Mercury Milan Hybrid - $28,345

Its performance is complemented with a 110 volt electric battery that allows the car to move only with this one at a speed of up to 47 miles per hour, plus you can drive up to 700 miles in city traffic with a single tank of gasoline. Fuel Economy: 36 mpg Hwy/41 mpg City.

7. Toyota Camry Hybrid - $27,050

The Toyota Camry offers comfort, economy and high fuel economy, but its V6 engine still can not beat with the competition. During 2010, the Camry won the award for best midsize sedan by its price for the second consecutive time. Fuel Economy: 34 mpg Hwy / 33 mpg City.

6. Nissan Altima Hybrid - $26,800

It is sporty, but also familiar and fun to drive. The Altima Hybrid 2011 is based on two different gasoline engines and one gasoline and electricity hybrid of. Most buyers select the Altima four-cylinder engine. Fuel Economy: 33 mpg Hwy / 35 mpg City.

5. Hyundai Sonata Hybrid - $25,795

It uses the Hybrid technology Blue Drive which combines a hybrid drive system and a lithium polymer battery technology that offers a performance of 37 miles per gallon in the city and 39 highway, better figures that models like the Toyota Camry Hybrid.

4. Honda Civic Hybrid - $24,050

It doesn't breaks the mold in terms of aesthetics, too talkative and similar to the previous generation, but has always enjoyed good demand in the U.S. Comes with exclusive alloy wheels and other improvements that attempt to reduce drag. Fuel Economy: 45 mpg Hwy / 40 mpg City.

3. Toyota Prius - $22,120

Is distinguished by its low consumption, especially in city. This vehicle is available in three trim levels, the Echo, Advance and Executive. It has stability control, fog lights, air conditioning and MP3 CD radio with auxiliary input for external sources. Fuel Economy: 40 mpg Hwy / 43 mpg City.

2. Honda CR-Z - $19,345

Is a sports coupe that combines the latest design trends with the best mechanical performance and the highest respect for the environment. Inside the cabin, all controls are accessible and instrument panel changes color depending on driving style. Fuel Economy: 31 mpg Hwy / 37 mpg City.

1. Honda Insight - $18,200

This is considered the best option for anyone who wants to enjoy greater performance paying a cheap price. The Honda Insight 2011 engine is similar to the Honda Insight 2010. It is powered by a four cylinder engine that can produce up to 98 horsepower. Fuel Economy: 40 mpg Hwy / 43 mpg City.

Some good reasons to buy a hybrid vehicle

  • You'll pay more for a hybrid than for a traditional car. But in the long run you will realize that you will save money when filling your tank.
  • When you drive a hybrid, you are potentially helping to the reduction of gases harmful to human health and the environment.
  • Driving a hybrid has many advantages. You have the option, previously unattainable on simple electric cars, to move from traditional fuel reserves or completely out of power operation, usually with the flick of a switch, whenever you need it.
  • You change the batteries every time they are damaged.
  • Now there are options that we had no with hybrids from five years ago. That includes being able to purchase a hybrid SUV. So, do not we necessarily have to opt for a small car.
  • You will receive substantial tax breaks from the federal government with the purchase of your hybrid.
  • You will get free parking tickets in the library and in many other places that have special parking spaces for ecological cars.
  • With a reduced price of parts and the rapidity of repairs, maintenance costs are more than reasonable.

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