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    BEST CARS FOR HIGH TRAFFIC CITIES. Hatchbacks, coupes and small sedans are the best vehicles for driving in the big cities.

Modern cities keep growing, and the role of the car in the city has become more important than ever. While most city dwellers use public transportation, walking, scooters or those yellow cars with clocks to go from one place to another, many urbanites prefer the freedom and the challenge of conducting for their own.

Anyway, moving in a great city requires a special type of vehicle, considering the stress and the limitations of space and parking. A city car has to be on the outside as small as possible and inside, spacious and versatile. It must have very good visibility and handling combined with good acceleration and braking. In addition, reliability, good safety and security statistics are essential assets because driving in the city is almost as difficult as driving a tractor-trailer. If you live in a concrete jungle, you know the problem of parking, driving between passing trucks and potholes, for that reason chose the best 10 urban cars that are cheap, easy to park, efficient and even have folding side-view mirrors.

Toyota Yaris hatchback

toyota yaris

The exterior is not the most attractive because it has no fog lights and chrome details, but its size makes it perfect to move in confined spaces. Inside has several cargo compartments and its four-cylinder engine gives it 106 horsepower and an average consumption of 29 miles per gallon. Another of its attractions is the cheap price of this small and practical car that starts under $13,000.

Volkswagen Golf TDI Diesel

golf tdi

Performance and handling fun coexist in this model. Its fuel consumption of 30 to 42 miles per gallon is ideal for cities with traffic. With this Volkswagen you will enjoy of an agile handling. Inside has highest levels of quality that not all manufacturers offer and whether the version of two or four doors, the cabin is versatile and its cargo space is quite large. You can get it for under $18,000.

Nissan Leaf

nissan leaf

Is perfect for the city and vice versa. Its autonomy is around 100 miles, enough for urban routes. It is more efficient at moderate speed and unlike gasoline cars, which waste fuel in traffic, the Leaf reuses the energy or sends it to where it is needed. Gradually have increased the recharge centers, which reduces the anxiety of autonomy and as a function to park highlights the rearview camera. Get it for under $25,000.

Kia Soul

kia soul

Mids box-type body is a Mini-Me version of the trucks that we see around the city. Its four-cylinder engine does an excellent job and we have to highlight its steering and performance, which is between 24 and 26 miles per gallon. The interior has a modern design and attractive for the city dwellers drivers, plus it comes bundled with many technological functions. You can get it new for a cheap price under $18,000.

Kia Forte hatchback

Kia Forte

The Forte debuted as a compact sedan with the version of two and four doors, but the hatchback is definitely the best option for the city. The interior design is quite capable and comes with multiple functions besides of its cheap price. It has a large cargo space and although it isn't as sporty as the Mazda3 or the Toyota Matrix, the Forte provides higher levels of consumption (22 to 25 mpg) sufficient reason for choose it. Get it for under $15,000

Hyundai Elantra sedan

Hyundai Elantra

Many were surprised with the redesign that Hyundai given to all its models. In the case of the Elantra, it looks like a more expensive than it actually is. Despite its size offers plenty of practicality. Its performance goes from 29 to 40 miles per gallon in any version and something that stands out is the cabin, attractive and functional. You can get for a real cheap price the standard model for under $15,000.

Honda Fit

honda fit

It is like an efficient apartment, which in spite of its small size provides high levels of versatility and its price is really cheap. Its cargo area has 57.3 cubic feet, the rear seats can be folded and when it comes to efficiency, reaches 35 miles per gallon on the highway with the automatic transmission. Get it new the basic version for under $15,000.

Ford Fiesta hatchback

honda fit green

It is the most attractive city dweller car with a European design that equal looks good in America. The manual transmission is smooth and works best in town than the automatic, but the best is its performance that exceeds the 30 miles per gallon. Another quality is the SYNC system that attracts the geeks. Get the basic version for under $14,000.

Chevrolet Cruze

Chevrolet Cruze

It is not the most attractive but perfectly meets the basic need of transportation. It has good levels of quality inside and a performance that ranges between 22 and 28 miles per gallon. The suspension holds the potholes well, which is appreciated in the cities, and unlike other small car, the Cruze has a good back and the trunk space is ample. Get it new in its basic version for under $16,000.

MINI Cooper

MINI Cooper

It refuses to drop the top position as the best car for the city. Its dimensions are small but it offers a good performance, especially if you choose the version S. It has excellent parking sensors and brakes. If you live in warm weather you can think about the convertible. Its performance is about 29 mpg. The MINI Cooper isn't really cheap, the basic version cost is under $20,000.

Some reasons to buy a cheap small car to drive in the city

  • Today's small car is basically a big car from 10 years ago.
  • Small cars are now almost luxurious.
  • Small cars are packed with technology.
  • Small cars are fun to drive.
  • Small cars are easy on gas.
  • Small cars limit your loads.
  • Small cars are cheaper to maintain.
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