Good Cheap New Cars Under $20000

  • scion xd

    NICE CAR UNDER $20000. The Scion xD It is one of the most cheapest cars that are currently on the market.

Yes, you can own a new good, nice and cheap car this year for less than 20,000 dollars. Many people think that buying a new car means spending a substantial sum to have a model of good quality and also attractive, efficient and well equipped, however, many manufacturers have included in their portfolios economic models, with good design and many comfort and safety features. Most of them are oriented to younger buyers and some of those elected were also recommended by the Consumer Reports magazine, so here we present the 2011 models that are for sale under $20,000.

1 - Scion xD: $16,620 MSRP

The unconventional design of this hatchback has become very popular among young people and it is also very handy for the city, while its 1.8L 4 cylinder engine gives a good level of efficiency.

2 - Honda Fit: $16,650 MSRP

The hatchbacks have invaded the road due to its practicality and savings. For Honda, its option is the Fit which in the basic version offers 87 horsepower and a performance of 30 miles per gallon.

3 - Nissan Versa 1.8S: $16,825 MSRP

It is certainly one of the cheaper cars that exist, as its price starts at $9,990. The version recommended by Consumer Reports comes quite well equipped and with a power of 91 horsepower.

4 - Kia Soul Plus: $17,690 MSRP

This South Korean model has been very well accepted in the United States as well as its radical design. It is one of the best equipped car in the market considering its low cost.

5 - Toyota Corolla LE: $18,404 MSRP

In addition to its reliability and durability, this sedan is very efficient, reasons which make this one of the best selling models in history.

6 - Hyundai Elantra GLS: $18,445 MSRP

This 108 horsepower sedan has the new language of brand design and also comes with a good level of power efficiency and comfort, supported by a guarantee program.

7 - Kia Forte EX: $18,540 MSRP

For those seeking a more sophisticated sedan this is a good option. The base price is $13,695 but the EX version was chosen because it has a more complete equipment though keeps the 116 horsepower.

8 - Scion xB: $18,817 MSRP

This is the model that imposed the tendency of the box-car. It offers 118 horsepower and a performance of 24 miles per gallon, qualities that are complemented with a good technological equipment.

9 - Subaru Impreza 2.5i: $19,220 MSRP

If you want a model more sporty but without spending a fortune, you can choose the Impreza. It has a very attractive design and 127 horsepower that when you accelerate you will feel them so exciting.

10 - Toyota Matrix: $19,620 MSRP

To close the list of cheap cars is another model from the east, the Matrix. Its design is very different and may well be classified as a hatchback, station wagon or small SUV. Its power is 98 horsepower and the fuel consumption reaches 29 miles per gallon.

In addition to these models, you can find options very cheap ranging from $9,970 such as the Hyundai Accent to models very attractive such as Ford Fiesta (base price $13,320), highly efficient as the Smart Fortwo ($11,900) or pickups like the Chevrolet Colorado starting at $16,985.

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