Cheap Used Car Auctions Or Car Dealers?

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    USED CAR AUCTIONS. Did you know that cars on sale at dealerships could be from these used auto auctions?

Most people do not know much about cheap used car auctions. In fact, there are so many myths about these events. Myths like only licensed dealers can step into such auctions or the vehicles sold are in poor condition are stopping buyers. Perhaps the auto resellers would prefer the situation to remain status quo. After all, with lesser people vying with them in bids, they can grab the best bargains from the cheap used car auctions.

It is easy to assume that buying an old vehicle from a dealer is safe and the best option. However, you need to know that it is not always the case and the car you buy may not end up as a good deal after all.

If the price you are paying is 80% off the original value, then it is logical to expect some risk taking whether you are buying from a cheap used auto auction or auto dealer. Do not expect warranty to be attached. This can mean that the car you bought could be wreckage inside that requires massive repairs or it can be in good running condition.

Consider this

When you buy a car from the private auto dealers, the vehicle is definitely old for sure. But with cheap used car auctions, there is a possibility of getting a near new one. Sometimes, it can be just a month old. Also, the selling price of a used vehicle at the dealership is often dependent on factors such as its age and condition. This is not the case with cheap used auto auctions where you may actually find a new automobile at a generously low price.

Here is another piece of truth that would shock you. Did you know that cars on sale at dealerships could be from these used auto auctions? So these businessmen are buying and reselling the same vehicles which you would have gotten at lower prices. So the thought of being able to save a couple of hundreds or thousands should be enticing enough for people to turn to cheap used car auctions.

To be fair, there is some amount of effort needed. You have to source for details such as locations, dates and timings of the auctions, inspection prior to bidding and arranging for the technical assessment and registrations. This may seem to be a handful but really, it is not a lot of work.

A lot of information like the scheduled venues for cheap used cars auctions and vehicle listings are now available online. A quick search at the online directories can reveal a lot of details.

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