Where To Find Cheap Cars For Sale Under $1000 Dollars?

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    CHEAP CARS FOR SALE UNDER $1000. There are many resource where you can find used cars at prices you won't believe.

Having in mind how the job market and the economy of the country in general is being handled at the moment, it's no wonder that many will need to buy a cheap used car soon. However, the question right now is, for how long are these cars going to remain as cheap as they are?

Everyone hopes to be lucky enough to find an immaculate 1979 classic car that was literally only driven by a little old lady to church on Sundays.

Otherwise, a wise soul will advise that the buyer will have to spend, besides the purchase price, a little more extra, on parts and repairs when buying a used car.

Obviously the "Do-It-Yourself-Handy-Dandy" fixer can buy a car really cheap and fix the necessary stuff that will let the car pass the safety inspection, and he wont have to worry about the mechanic labor, which can easily range anywhere from $50 to $100 dollars an hour, depending on the location.

That same wise, will also say that, a private sale will increase the chances of getting a good deal when looking to buy a car for under $1000, since the car dealer will have to add their commission onto the price of the vehicle.

Source to find cheap cars

Sources for cars for sale for under $1000 are: private sales, usually placed at the end of the driveway and advertised with a for sale sign on to the windshield and always sold under AS-IS condition. Other source are local newspapers and estate or police auction sales. These are great places to find even newer models of cars with an under $1000 price tag. These auctions are advertised in newspapers and Internet, but remember that almost all auctions will not accept anything other than cash or certified check, so be prepared. The cars sold at auction will also be AS-IS deals.

Online dealerships, eBay, Craigslist and such, are a definite worthwhile place to check out. Things to consider with an online purchase, is the location of the car. First of all, the buyer has only the seller word of what is the overall running condition of the car. The other downfall of buying over the Internet is the cost of transporting or picking up a car. The cost of shipping can make that an under $1000 car deal doesn't be such a great deal anymore. Here too, the vehicle will be an AS-IS sale.

Some used car dealerships might give you a 30 day warranty. However, if you can afford a certified one, it would be a better and safer choice. The car might possibly has to be part of the under $2000 dollars category. Most of these cars came from dealer auction sales, trade-ins of lease and purchase deals.

Another wise advice is 'do not rush it', with a bit of perseverance great deals can be found all over the country. The right place at the right time has a big part in it.

Video - How to use local free resources to locate reliable used cars for $1,000 or less.