Compact, Small & Efficient Cars Are The Trend

  • prius c

    TOYOTA PRIUS C CONCEPT. Small and efficient models retook their place at the Detroit Auto Show.

The Autoshows have surprised us with spectacular models that are often far from reality. However, after the economic crisis, high gas prices and environmental measures from the government, the automotive industry shows a different perspective geared to the small and efficient cars.

The king of the efficiency

Although in 2010 the sales of SUVs and 4x4 beat the cars, the fuel price increase made that buyers are more interested in models like the Toyota Prius. Because of its success, the Japanese manufacturer announced at the Detroit Auto Show, the expansion of the line and introduced the Prius c Concept, aimed at young people.

Triumphant return

The Fiat 500 appeared a little over than 50 years and it became one of the most successful models in Europe, even so the Italian brand ended its production in 1975. However, the economic and environmental landscape of nowadays made that Fiat reconsider and re-launched it in 2007 under the name of the new Cinquecento being one of the most requested small and efficient car in the market.

  • fiat 500

    FIAT 500 2011. Like other small cars, low wheelbase, the Fiat 500 is maintains in better condition if it is run on roads in good condition.

The 500 was sold in over 80 countries but the United States was not among the plans until after the global crisis that changed the perspective of buyers and they showed more interest in compact and efficient models, so Fiat decided to take it to the American Union with an edition specially designed for this market and which appeared in Detroit.

Of good, just a few

The compact debut was the new BMW 1 Series coupe, which they proved that size does not matter, because this little one comes with an inline six-cylinder engine that offers no less than 233 or 306 horsepower, power that is supplied in an agile and fun way, like the rest of the German line.

Cars of the future

The design of the Prius has not suffered major changes since it appeared in 2000 but is the third best-selling Toyota model thanks to its practicality and 'green' performance, so the Japanese manufacturer continues to innovate and led to Detroit the version plug-in hybrid that combines the superiority of consumption with the electrical handling capabilities.

Convenience in all aspects

Toyota hopes that this technology turn into something viable as soon as possible, for that reason they take advantage of every Autoshow to introduce the Prius plug-in and even launched a pilot program in several U.S. cities to demonstrate and inform the public about this technology. This actions could make the car went on sale in the first half of 2010.

Compact Luxury

Yes, the big sedans look beautiful, but the pace of modern life makes cars drivers look for more compact and efficient models, although this does not mean they've forgotten the luxury and comfort. Mercedes-Benz knows it and for that reason they did the 2012 C-Class sporty and more efficient without sacrificing power or comfort.

Global future

Ford's bid for the coming years is based on a set of global vehicles that share an attractive design, driving fun, efficiency, technology and a good price. After the launch of the popular Fiesta, Ford now sets its sights on the Focus ST, which from 2012 will be available almost everywhere.

The design is also striking. Well-defined lines, the shape of the headlights and even the wheel design, along with the range of exterior colors, give to the Focus ST a personality full of energy and according to data revealed in Detroit, it will feature with the new engine EcoBoost 2.0-liter I-4 that promises a good level of power and lower fuel consumption.

Eastern Power

The rapid growth of Hyundai surprised the auto industry, thanks to the renovation, its sales increased 24% in one year. However, the South Korean brand does not want to stagnate and they are in constant innovation, creating models that meet the changing needs of the market and with the Veloster 2012 could fulfill the task.

The South Korean baby

Hyundai took the Veloster to Detroit, a model that aims to renew the coupe segment by giving it a three-door design and lines that give it a fresh and dynamic personality. Besides the performance of 40 miles per gallon that presumes, the Hyundai car is characterized by its Blue Link multimedia system.

For the compact families

The strategy 'One Ford' will reach to all the segments including the minivans with the C-MAX. His cool and intelligent design, along with an efficient operation and technologies of comfort and safety, aims to catch the family car buyers who seek these qualities in small and efficient cars.

Same genes, but more attractive

Honda took to Detroit the ninth generation of the Civic, which goes on sale in 2012. The new model is enhanced by a more refined, clean and powerful that is complemented by a good performance and driving fun at a very affordable price, continuing the philosophy that 'the Civic is for everyone."

A very cool Japanese

Despite having several years on the market, Honda has managed to keep the Civic among the favorites with a constant renewal. In regard to the 2012 model, it will be available in sedan and coupe with gasoline engines, natural gas, as well as a hybrid and two sporty versions.