Nissan Murano 2015: Top Reasons To Buy This New Model

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Written on: 12-22-2014 12:32pm    Title: Nissan Murano 2015: Top Reasons To Buy This New Model
This new model of the Nissan SUV came out to the market with a design that keeps up many of the characteristics of the prototype of this 3rd generation. Futuristic lines and a high level of technology, equipped with a V6 DOHC 3.5L engine and automatic transmission Xtronic, which helps to improve the fuel efficiency by 20% compared to the previous generation. Also thanks to the reduction of 145 lbs in its weight, and a new design that reduced the drag coefficient.

When you test it and sit behind its wheel, you'll enjoy its quiet cabin, excellent engine response, and extreme comfort of all seats, including those in the rear which comes with the heating system.


The engineers and designers of Nissan gave to the Murano a drag coefficient of 0.31, the same of some of the best sports cars, including the Porsche 911.

murano 2015 front view

This was achieved with a system that opens and closes the air intake below the front grille, rear spoiler and diffuser, plus a redesigned gas tank and optimized components to the rear suspension.

LED lighting

front hedlights
An integral part of its new exterior design was the implementation of LED lighting units, which besides providing better visibility, use less energy compared to halogen or xenon headlights. This new Murano also features LED daytime running lights at the rear and directional lights mounted on the side mirrors.

Seats with NASA technology

Nissan designed the seats of the Murano 2015 with "Zero Gravity" and "Extra Heat" technology, the same one used by the NASA for its manned missions, which identifies the optimal position of the occupants to minimize the fatigue on long journeys.

front seats & dashboard
rear seats beige color leather

Seats also have a fast heating system and USB ports on the rear seats, which have 1.4 more inches of knee room compared to the previous generation.

Less weight, more efficiency

rear view at autoshow

The new design helped to reduce 150 Lbs of its weight, this, combined with improvements in aerodynamics, tires with lower rolling resistance and new technologies in the engine and transmission, contributed to improving the performance in gas consumption by 20% for a maximum of up to 28 miles per gallon on the highway.

Extra eyes

safety system blind spot colission warning

With four cameras and three radar systems, the Murano 2015 features the most advanced safety systems such as Blind Spot Warning (BSW or Blind Spot Alert), Predictive Forward Collision Warning (PFCW or Forward Collision Alert), Forward Emergency Braking (Emergency Brake Forward), Intelligent Cruise Control (Cruise Intelligent Control), Cross-Traffic Alert (CTA or cross Traffic Alert) and the Around View® Monitor with moving object detection, an exclusive feature in the segment.

Outstanding illumination system

sunroof aerial view

The new panoramic moonroof, which now consists of just one panel, opens space 29% larger compared to the old model which uses two separate, and also has 40% more of the glass surface that provides a feeling of additional spaciousness for passengers. In addition, the new interior lighting system improves the cabin environment, both day and night.

Simplified Instrument panel

dashboard driver view

In the new instrument panel, the number of buttons was reduced by 60%, that's 15 less than the previous version which has 25. This gives to the dashboard of the SUV a cleaner look and improved user experience. It also features a new high-resolution touchscreen of 7" as standard equipment and another one optional of 8" with Advance Display Drive-Assist® system.

Load capacity

Although the exterior design shows no signs of expanding in size, the cargo space did increase by 3.3 inches wide and 2.0 long. The new configuration of the tailgate gives it 4.0 cubic feet of additional capacity making it one of the largest SUVs in the segment.

cargo area

Furthermore, the process of putting and carrying things in the cargo area has also been improved and is now easier thanks to rear seats that remain completely flat when you fold them forward.

rear door cargo area

Finally, engineers installed a button that serves to put back the rear seats in its original position, so it is no longer necessary to turn on each side of the vehicle to do it manually.

Made in USA

murano manufacturing nissan plant canton MS

Lovers of products "Made in America" will be more than happy of knowing that the new 2015 Murano is being manufactured in the United States. The two previous generations were imported from Japan. With the Murano, the number of models produced by Nissan plant in Canton, Mississippi, will rise to nine. From this plant, the SUV will be exported to more than 100 markets worldwide.

Ahead of the competition

Since the first generation that arrived at the US market, Nissan has sold over 700,000 units in a growing segment where excellent models like the Ford Edge, Hyundai Santa Fe and Kia Sorento Sport, among many others, are part of the competition.

four best us market SUVs
According to industry estimates, this segment will grow by 19% in 2016 and with the new attributes of design, engineering, and technology, this third-generation surely will continue generating good sales and profit to the Japanese manufacturer.

Good cost/value ratio

It will be offered in four versions: S, SV, SL and Platinum, with optional 2WD or 4WD traction. There are only three optional packages for each version of the Murano 2015: Navigation Package (S), Premium Package (SV) and Tech Package (SL, Premium).

MSRP prices (Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Prices) range from $29,560 for the Murano S with front-wheel-drive (FWD), and reaches $40,600 for the most equipped model, Murano Platinum AWD, a price more than reasonable considering all the features, options, and gadgets offered in this SUV, besides its striking design that highlights from the rest of the competition.

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