New Cars That Get Cheaper Once You Buy Them

  • cadillac dts new

    CADILLAC CTS. After the brand announced its exit from the market by 2012, this model lost about 30% of its value in 2010.

These cars are classified within the category of "the worst investment" for being cars with the lowest resale value. One of the things that usually are quickly devalued are the new cars, but there are models for reasons such as the discontinuation or the arrival of a new generation that lose much value and get cheaper once you pay for them. These are some good examples:

Ford Explorer

This SUV had several problems since its launch, so that Ford decided to launch a new generation, a fact which has led to devalue models before 2011 for almost $11,000.

ford explorer

Ford Mustang

Although it remains the same model, in 2011 Ford put a more powerful engine and improved various elements, which led to the 2010 Mustang lost its value in just over 30%.


Dodge Durango

Is one of the more expensive models of its segment and according to some studies, after two years of having it could retain only 33% of its initial price, besides its huge engine and fuel consumption put it in a difficult situation considering that the trend is moving toward more efficient models.


Cadillac STS

It had the same problem as the DTS, discontinuation due to low sales. The latest model which was 2010 has lost 31% of its value in the last year.

cadillac sts

Ford E-Series Van

The popular Ford van turned 50 in 2011 so they released a special version that includes many accessories. For this reason, the 2010 model got cheaper losing its value, with a poor rating in studies made by JD Powers.


Hyundai Sonata

J.D. Powers gave it a low rating of performance, design and comfort, reasons that caused it to lose 33.2% of its value in one year. As if this were not enough, Hyundai announced the arrival of a hybrid version of the sedan, which could cause the Sonata gets cheaper.


Dodge Grand Caravan

In regard to the 2010 model it could be a big waste of money as Dodge recently introduced the new generation of this minivan that offers a powerful and efficient engine, as well as a refined design and more features for comfort and versatility.

grand caravan

Dodge Charger

This muscle car has received many transformations throughout its life and even the latest generation (2005-2010) sold quite well, it received poor ratings from JD Powers and Consumer Reports, which led it to a drop in resale value of 37.5%. And this, along with the arrival of the LX 2011 model which offers a more powerful engine and transmission more modern.


Chrysler 300

Chrysler introduced this model in 2005 and it sold very well because it received awards such as Motor Trend Car of the Year. However its sales fell sharply due to functions that became obsolete for the price such as the four-speed transmission as well as the advent of models like the Buick Lucerne and Ford Taurus that gained buyers. This combination of factors made ​​it cheaper, bringing a loss of value of up to 40%. Therefore, the brand decided to give it a new design and better qualities for 2011.


What other cars get cheaper once you buy them?

  • Infiniti QX56: the bad reviews it has received about initial quality and performance have devalued it a lot.
  • Kia Optima: Despite having a good performance, it got cheaper once you buy it due to the second generation of this model which has not been able to fight with such popular models like the Honda Civic, Ford Fusion or Toyota Camry. Therefore, Kia announced a redesign for the new model, plus a hybrid version.
  • Chrysler Sebring Convertible: This luxurious American convertible could get cheaper quickly due to after the announcement that was discontinued as well as the arrival of the 200 and 200 convertible that offers a refined and contemporary design as well as a more efficient operation.
  • Nissan Titan: According to some estimates by experts, front-wheel drive version of this pickup could retain only 32% of its initial value in three years.
  • Chevrolet Malibu: Although it is one of the most popular sedans, the price could get cheaper rapidly because Chevrolet announced the launch of a new generation by 2013.
  • Kia Rio: This sedan offers good performance and a very accessible price, but it kept the same design from 2006 to 2010 and is up to the 2012 model that the manufacturer announced a renewal, a fact which could get this car cheaper.
  • Hyundai Azera: According to some researches, this sedan 2010 could lose its initial value around 80% over the next four to five years, because it has strong competitors in its segment.
  • Chevrolet Cobalt: The subcompact cars tend to depreciate faster because of the wide range of models that exist. In the case of the Cobalt, besides having a design quite austere, its discontinuation was announced, so that it could get up to 80% cheaper after five years of having it.
  • Mercedes-Benz S Class S65: The luxury car segment is not saved of the depreciation, since according to KBB, the S65 loses about 84% of its initial value after five years.

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