Cheap Used Convertible, Buy a Honda S2000 2000-2009 (Review)

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Written on: 05-09-2012 10:21pm    Title: Cheap Used Convertible, Buy a Honda S2000 2000-2009 (Review)
The Honda S2000, which precisely debuted in 2000, began its life with a four-cylinder 2.0-liter that turned up to 9 thousand revolutions per minute. Its 240 horsepower had more power per liter than any other engine of equal aspirations.

Although it delivered a unique experience when you drove it aggressively, it lacked some problems. The absence of torque at the bottom of the tachometer was one of the most annoying details, alongside the poor sound system and the plastic medallion.

The Honda S2000 was released to celebrate the 50 years of the brand, which was born in 1958 as a manufacturer of motorcycles

Honda made gradual improvements during the life cycle of the S2000. In 2002, the sound system was improved, added a glass emblem, and improved the course of the gear shifter.

There were also some cosmetic changes made, like chrome bezels on the taillights, a new knob on the gear stick, and some silver covers on the inside. The aluminum cover was optional, and although it was expensive, most people living in cold places opted for it.

The original S2000 is a highly sought car because of its powerful 2.0-liter engine of 240-HP.

2004 was another year that brought many improvements that made the S2000 a better choice as an everyday car. This year was when they changed the engine to 2.2 liters and changed the passing of the gearbox to have shorter relations with what got more push in the low part of the tachometer. Were added 17-inch wheels as well as small improvements in the suspension to make the car a little easier to handle for non-experts. 2008 was also an important year because was added the CR version and a new instrument panel that improved stability at high speeds.

The Honda S2000 is a radical sports car that was not created like other roadsters looking to please a diverse audience, the S2000 was and still is one of the best choices for the experienced driver who sits behind the wheel for pure pleasure, to enjoy intensely on each curve.

There were two versions of the S2000 in 2009, which was its last year, the Standard and the CR (Club Racer). Both versions used the 2.2-liter engine that had lowered its maximum turnaround capacity with respect to the 2.0L from 9000 to 8200 rpm. Without forced induction, this engine got 237 horsepower with the help of the Honda VTEC system. There was never an automatic version of the S2000.

Part of the equipment of the car included the already mentioned 17-inch wheels, power top with glass emblem and rear defroster, leather seats, keyless entry, air conditioning, audio system with 8 speakers, and traction control. The CR version came without a power top, air conditioning, and sound system to save weight. It came with a removable hardtop, suspension with setup for track, greater rigidity, and a body with more aerodynamic details.

When you sit in a Honda S2000, it gives you a strong sense of safety and confidence when it comes to going fast. This convertible is one of those cars that seem custom-made for you: perfect pedals, perfect shift knob, and steering wheel in the ideal position

Any version of the S2000 should draw the attention of speed enthusiasts. With its well-balanced chassis, quick and communicative steering, powerful engine, and precise shifts, the S2000 convertibles are made of winding roads, the funniest playground you can have. The 2.0-liter engine is more exciting for those who do not mind having to take it to the limit regularly, but in return, you get a car with a tendency to oversteer that Honda softened with the 2004 model.

The Honda S2000 is a fast convertible, which has been designed to be effective and fun to drive. This little monster needs to be domesticated with many miles of practice.

Even with all the potential performance, the S2000 is still a Honda, so it has very good ergonomics and comfortable seats with good support that can accommodate almost anyone. The S2000 is an excellent choice if you are looking for a convertible for the weekend but you also want a car that you can take to the track occasionally.

After talking a little bit about this wonderful convertible, let's get down to business. If you're wondering where to find a cheap Honda S2000, what is its average price, or how much is the cheapest one today, I did research so that you can have an idea.

This 2001 above has 68k miles and is priced for $7,995 for sale by dealership in Kentucky. You can easily deal with it at $7,000. It is in excellent condition inside and out and is one of the cheapest S2000s you can find across the country in this great condition. What does this mean? besides being a very complete convertible and sports car, it is also affordable, even with low miles. Let's see more.

This beautiful Honda S2000 black color, year 2002, also has 68k miles on it and is priced a little bit more expensive than previous for $8,995 and is for sale by dealership in Indiana, beautiful eh? .

If you are wondering where to find the cheapest Honda S2000 in California, the perfect state for this kind of car, R Motorsports dealership, has at the moment or writing here, this beautiful yellow color. The bad news is as everything in California, is more expensive and has many more miles on it. This yellow Honda is a 2001 with 107k miles and is priced for $,9577, and yes, it is the cheapest Honda S2000 you can find at this moment in CA.

In conclusion, if you are getting ready to receive the summer and enjoy it to the fullest possible, why not buy a cheap convertible? These Honda S2000s are the perfect choice for less than $10,000. We recommend you to use the Cheap Car Finder Tool or go to, another great resource to find cheap used cars in US and the most affordable Honda S2000 for sale at this moment.
Searching for the cheapest Honda used cars?
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Written on: 05-10-2012 01:59am    Title: Cheap Used Convertible — Buy a Honda S2000 2000-2009 (Review)  
Hi. I have a 2005 Honda S2000 red Earlier in Atlanta, I was driving a Honda Civic 2008, but I realized I could not have just one car and I can not be without my S2000. I am a enthousiastic of the speed and handling, and I tell you something, no matter how many times I drive this convertible, every time I sit down and go on it, I feel excited. The experience you feel with the top up or down is incredible, it is a true sports car for the track and the street daily use. I drive it every day of the year. This Honda S2000 is not for novices, and even if you aren't, you have to be skilled, I mean it is like a Civic, but if you go above the 5,500 rpm, it becomes like a Porsche and the sound of the engine, the wind and the feel like it takes curves is like riding a bike. I try to handle moderately, but I can not avoid hear and feel the VTEC and its 240hp at 8200 rpm.

If you are looking for a good convertible built on quality for an affordable price, I highly recommend this car, avoid the Chrysler Sebring or some of its kind. The S2000 is a real quality convertible.
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Written on: 05-10-2012 05:33pm    Title: Cheap Used Convertible — Buy a Honda S2000 2000-2009 (Review)  
Unfortunately they are not as cheap as you think in North Carolina. About 3 months ago when I was going to change my old car, I was searching about this S2000, but they are hard to find for less than $10,000 with less than 80k-100k miles. Once I drove one of this machines in the highway, and the experience was just like this article describe it, amazing! you have to handle it with a lot of care because it is very powerful.
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Written on: 05-11-2012 08:22am    Title: Cheap Used Convertible — Buy a Honda S2000 2000-2009 (Review)  
The Honda S2000 is the most exciting roadster I have handled. I have one of these some years ago and I still stay looking at it when I leave it parked. Its shapes are timeless, after several years in the market, still impact. Its interior is the most interesting aspect of this sports, how it is made and how it behaves on the street. The feelings it conveys are brutal. I love this car it is so sexy and everyone I know that owns one of these, agrees with me.

Just check it out in auction...
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Written on: 05-26-2012 09:16am    Title: Cheap Used Convertible — Buy a Honda S2000 2000-2009 (Review)  
There is no doubt that these cars are amazing! and here one more reason. This is the video of a drag race between a Subaru BRZ and a Honda S2000. Enjoy it.

The result: in the quarter mile the Honda S2000 has required only 15 seconds and the Subaru BRZ has been slow over 0.7 seconds, despite clearly tear out better than the roadster. Although the result of this Motor Mag test had been predictable, it never hurts to see facing and running these two Asian athletes.
Searching for the cheapest Honda used cars?
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