Cheapest cars in Europe for less than 10000 euros

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Written on: 03-13-2012 04:28pm    Title: Cheapest cars in Europe for less than 10000 euros
Do you need or want a new car, but your budget is low? At, we love to talk about the cheapest cars on the new and used market, and this time we want to help you find a new car for little money if you live in Europe. For example, among all the models offered in the Spanish market, 18 cars with an MSRP or PVP (Perceived Value Pricing) of less than 10,000 euros.

Most are small cars, approved for four passengers, and have gasoline engines, but you can choose from models with diesel engines, an occasional sedan, and even cars with a familiar body for less than $10000.
Suzuki Alto, from 7,426 to 9,226 euros

No doubt, Dacia is the cheapest brand, the low-cost subsidiary of Renault Group. Among its line is the cheapest model on the market: a Dacia Sandero for 6,290 euros, a utility vehicle that is not exactly the smallest.

The next cheapest car is included in the Suzuki models, the Alto, a city vehicle with five doors and space for four passengers. It has a starting price of 7,426 euros.

You can find alternatives to this model for some more money in the Ford Ka (7,900 euros), Nissan Pixo (8,700 euros), Toyota Aygo (8,700 euros), Chevrolet Spark (8,795 euros), Kia Picanto (9,145 euros), Fiat Panda (9,450 euros), Citroen C1 (9,481euros) or even one of the last arriving to the automotive market, the nice Volkswagen Up! for only 9,720 euros.

But if for less than 10,000 euros you are looking for a bigger car, you can find the solution in the Dacia Logan 4-door sedan or family body. Overall the supply of cars for less than $ 10,000 amounts to 18 models and 42 versions.

Remember that these are MSRP / PVP (Perceived Value Pricing) prices recommended by the manufacturer, but certainly, you can find many of these models even cheaper at dealerships, according to their features and equipment.

Cheapest Urban Cars in Europe for sale for less than 10,000 euros:

In this section are included urban cars with a length of 2.69 meters, like the Smart Fortwo and 3.67 meters of the Tata Indica. Most of them are certified for four occupants.

SUZUKI ALTO: From 7,426 to 9,226 euros (check the picture above)

FORD KA: From 7,900 to 9,900 euros


SEAT Mii: From 8,690 to 9,840 euros


NISSAN PIXO: From 8,700 to 9,870 euros


TOYOTA AYGO: From 7,200 to 8,815 euros


CHEVROLET SPARK: From 8,795 to 9,600 euros


TATA INDICA: From 9,087 a 9,985 euros


KIA PICANTO: Around 9,145 euros


FIAT PANDA: Around 9,450 euros


CITROËN C1: Around 9,481 euros


SMART FORTWO: Around 9,645 euros


VOLKSWAGEN UP!: Around 9,970 euros


Cheapest utility cars in Europe for sale for less than 10,000 euros:

These models are part of the B segment, utilitarians with a length of 3,950 meters like the Ford Fiesta and 4,090 meters like the Dacia Sandero. They are models that offer room for five passengers and their luggage compartment exceeds 260 liters.

DACIA SANDERO: From 6.290 to 9.850 euros


FORD FUSION: Around 7.900 euros


LADA KALINA: From 8.801 to 8.834 euros


FORD FIESTA: Around 8.940 euros


Cheapest bigger and family cars in Europe for less than 10,000 euros:

Only two models and five versions are within a budget lower than $ 10,000. There are variations of 4 and 5-door and body wagons, with ample luggage for family trips.

LADA PRIORA: From 8.879 to 8.998 euros


DACIA LOGAN: From 9.090 to 9.490 euros


What do you think about the cheapest cars for sale in Europe? Are they better there or here in America? There are probably cheaper cars to include in this list since this compilation is based on Spain's auto market, but well, you now have an idea of how the more economical vehicles in the old continent look.
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Written on: 03-14-2012 09:54pm    Title: Cheapest cars in Europe for less than 10000 euros  
Leaving aside the Toyota Aygo, the KIA Picanto, the Citroen C1 and the Ford Fiesta, there is only one word to describe all of them: PATHETHIC. Most of them aren't the kind of car the American consumer demand, although with the increase of gasoline prices, we are going to need them in America.
I love my Ford Mustand!
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Written on: 05-02-2012 02:12am    Title: Cheapest cars in Europe for less than 10000 euros  
The DACIA LOGAN takes me back to 80's, it is horrible, what a little aesthetic and poor design it has.
There's no such thing as cheap and cheerful. It's cheap and nasty or expensive and cheerful. NYC Style!
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