Self-drive Car Introduced By BMW

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Written on: 02-14-2012 09:56pm    Title: Self-drive Car Introduced By BMW
BMW unveils on a video a self-drive car. On a journey to the future (not so far), the brand from Munich shows that the technology for having autonomous cars running on the streets is ready.

So it is, exactly as you read: the car can accelerate, brake, and even overtake other cars with a previous analysis of traffic conditions. This information is received through its CDC system (ConnectedDrive Connect), which uses radars, cameras, laser scanners, and ultrasonic sensors to collect data. And of course, in the end, the driver is responsible for driving, and at any time can take control of the vehicle.

But do not think that this self-drive BMW will be presented in an upcoming auto show. BMW has released a video (you can see below) that shows the world how will be the future of the car within 10-15 years. So far, we have to wait for having a Fantastic car in our garage.

*** VIDEO has been removed from YOUTUBE, sorry :(
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Written on: 02-14-2012 10:27pm    Title: Self-drive car introduced by BMW  
I saw a similar video a few years ago of Jeremy Clarkson riding on a BMW 330i which drives by itself. This is the video, check it out:

Jeremy sits on this BMW, release the steering wheel, push a button and the fun begins, because the autopilot that includes this testing model has been programmed to go through the circuit without the pilot get involved at any time, it means, adjusting speed, gears, braking and steering according to the data it has stored on its system.

My personal opinion about having a self-drive car, leads me to think about two things:

Why I would want to have a car which drives by itself when I can feel the pleasure of driving it by myself?

It would really be pleasant to travel on a car and see how our lives depend of the data stored on the CPU of the autopilot system of a car? I think this would make us rather have a hard time. In my case, I'm still not ready to leave my life in the hands of an algorithm or a computer. Let's face it, the civilization of today is still very retrograde and rude to implement these types of self-drive cars.
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Written on: 02-14-2012 10:55pm    Title: Self-drive car introduced by BMW  
You are completely right CARmona, there is nothing on this life like having the pleasure of driving your own car, and if this is a BMW come on!!!! BMW cars rocks! I think the government would have to change many things in the country's infrastructure to implement these self-drive cars. Streets are filled with morons behind the wheel.
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Written on: 02-20-2012 03:06pm    Title: Self-drive car introduced by BMW  
Did you see the news, Nevada is the first place on earth where self-driving cars are allowed legally.

The state of Nevada, United States, was so far known to have among its cities to the "capital of sin", Las Vegas. Now, it is also known to have Autonomous car or self-driving cars. At least that's the Nevada Legislative Commission intention. They approved last week the necessary regulations to allow this type of cars to perform tests through the Nevada streets.

Self-dirving cars will get a red patent, and will be able to be handled through Las Vegas and other cities. Google was responsible for lobbying last year on this issue, but it is unclear why they are interested do the testing in the casino capital instead of California, where they have their headquarters. Anyway, Nevada convinced itself with the proposal and approved the initiative.

Google launched its first self-driving car in 2010 after testing it on 13,670 miles traveled in the streets of California. These cars use cameras, radar sensors and lasers to find their way and avoid colliding with obstacles. The idea is to reduce traffic accidents.

As you already should know, Google and BMW are not the only companies working on these systems: Audi and Toyota are also developing their own self-driving cars, hoping that this become a standard technology in a few years. Once these cars are tested and ready for sale, Nevada will mark them with a green patent, which will identify the autonomous vehicles.

Check the Google Self-driving car video — Google's Ass-kicking Self-Driving Car
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Written on: 02-20-2012 04:18pm    Title: Self-drive car introduced by BMW  
Pete Cashmore from Mashable, opened a discussion on Facebook about this topic and he also published an infografic post about the Self-driving cars.

Driverless cars? That’s some kind of futuristic fantasy, right? Think again. Driverless car technology has taken giant leaps in the past few years — in fact, you might see one driving right next to you any day now... written by Charlie White (Mashable)

Many agree with this type of cars and many others don't. The people reactions which most caught my attention were the following:

"oh no....I think for now I want to be in control"

"No thanks. That fad won't catch on. People are still going to wake up late and not be at places on time."

"People seem to be such control freaks when driving if they get into a self driving car will they need Valium because they are not driving"

"I work at a trauma center and if this will save lives...bring it on!"

"The population is already overwhelmed. Car crashes are good population control."

"with everyone texting and iPodding and smartphoning all cars are essentially already driverless."

" Having had a neighbor killed by a drunk driver where I grew up, I can say this is really a good step forward, if it is done right."

"Pretty cool. Drunk driving, distracted driving, 90 year old grandma driving while thinking she's watching TV ... fixed."

"Hopefully such technology will cut down on the speeding idiots".

There are many more interesting opinions about this topic and also there are more questions, like, what is going to happen with the car insurance business then? Peter Cashmore emphasizes in something to consider, he says:

"Worth reminding people that we've had self-driving planes for a century now? Autopilot seems to be working out quite nicely."

And I think he is completely right. This technology has to come ASAP, civilization needs it, big cities need it, drunk people needs it, truck drivers need it, Smartphones and table PC's addicted people would love this kind of cars.
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