Would you buy an affordable cheap limo | limousine?

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Written on: 02-07-2012 11:27pm    Title: Would you buy an affordable cheap limo | limousine?
Hello everyone. I just saw here in Autopten an ad of someone selling a limousine in Florida for a very cheap and affordable price ($6.950) and I was wondering who would like to buy a vehicle of these? In other words, I wondered if anyone in particular or a common citizen would like to buy a limousine as cheap as this. Many of us, I guess, at some point in our lives have dreamed or visualized a business or important person having our own driver and being transported from one place to another in the city on our own limousine. For me, honestly, it was always a fantasy since I was a child. I have always thought that these vehicles, besides being extremely luxurious I thought they were too expensive or unaffordable for the average citizen and only guys like Donald Trump could be transported in a limo. Now seeing this cheap limousine for sale for under $7,000, which I could even pay in cash and make this fantasy reality, I seriously wonder if would be worth it. And seriously, it doesn't look bad, I see it in very good condition and I could ask my father if he can drive it and take me wherever I wanna go as he is a retired person and most of the time has nothing to do. But anyway, what do you think, would buy a cheap limo like this Lincoln Town Car if you could pay or afford it for just pleasure? It can carry up to 11 people, excellent

Check it out and tell me if you don't think this limousine looks so good to be so cheap.

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Written on: 02-08-2012 12:42am    Title: Would you buy an affordable cheap limo | limousine?  
It would be fun to hang out with friends at Friday night, the only problem would be where to park it, I'd have to pay a special parking lot space or something, at the end it would cost more money. But it isn't a bad idea. I also thought that limos are very expensive vehicle. For less than $7000 that one looks good.
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Written on: 02-09-2012 06:25pm    Title: Would you buy an affordable cheap limo | limousine?  
It would be a good idea if I lived with some roommates in a big house with a big parking lot. I had never thought of someday owning a limousine, it isn't a bad idea. Would be fun to going out with the family too. This one is so cheap and affordable.
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Written on: 02-14-2012 08:43am    Title: Would you buy an affordable cheap limo | limousine?  
hahaha no, I don't think so, I'm not a CEO of a big company, I don't money to pay a driver, I don't have money to maintain it, I don't have space to park it, BUT what I do have is a lot of friends that would love to get in the ride smoking weed and drinking a lot of alcohol if I were the owner of this cheap Limousine.
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Written on: 03-18-2012 01:32pm    Title: Would you buy an affordable cheap limo | limousine?  
hahaha nooo, that would be a stupid purchase, if I just think on its maintenance it would be crazy!
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