Cheap or Not? Used Toyota 4Runner for sale

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Cheap or Not? Used Toyota 4Runner
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Written on: 02-02-2012 01:18pm    Title: Cheap or Not? Used Toyota 4Runner for sale

This is a used Toyota 4Runner SR5 99' for sale cheap in Florida by dealer for only $4,850. It comes with leather seats, black interior color, nice aluminum wheels, all the power options, very clean inside and out. It has 173k miles and many more still to walk. Runs and drives well. The Toyota 4Runner is one of the best Toyota SUV's ever built.

Cheap or not? would you pay the asking price for this used Toyota 4Runner SUV? Thanks for participate in the poll. We are constantly looking for the cheapest cars for sale in USA.

Asking price: $4,850
Contact +info:
Video link:
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Written on: 02-04-2012 06:25pm    Title: Cheap or Not? Used Toyota 4Runner for sale  
Of course, this Toyota 4Runner is really cheap. I was looking at Autotrader and for more 4Runner under $5000 dollars for sale in Florida and all of them have more than 200k miles. Even some of them are the old model with 200 or 220k miles and they are about $3000. So this beautiful and well maintained Toyota 4Runner under $5000 with only 176k miles is really cheap. It looks really good. Only a test drive could tell me more about this price.
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