Peel P50: the smallest world's car is back

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Written on: 01-31-2012 01:00pm    Title: Peel P50: the smallest world's car is back
The Peel P50 is the smallest car in the world according to the Guinness Records Book and has returned to the assembly line after 45 years of absence. The P50 is designed as a personal vehicle for use within large cities. Peel was a company primarily engaged in boat manufacturing, and fairings for motorcycles in fiberglass and for the late '60s went bankrupt leaving only a few copies of the P50 and its version for two people, the Trident.

This is how the Peel 50 looked 47 years ago.

Thanks to the coverage that had the brand in British media recently, some investors developed some interest in it and have revived it to manufacture the famous P50 and the Trident, but unlike the original, they also will be offered in two electric versions, being all completely legal for use on the streets of Europe.

This is the Peel 50 Trident version. It looks like The Jetson's vehicle but with wheels jeje!

The P50 measures 1.370m long, 1.041m wide, and 1.2m high, and has three wheels and disc brakes on all of them. The gas engine is a single-cylinder 49 cc and produces an output of 3.35 horsepower. It has a limited top speed of 28 miles per hour, but can be increased if the buyer so chooses. The performance is supposed to round to 210 miles per gallon. In a so small car, it is not too hard to believe.

Black Peel 50, the smallest car in the world, perfect for a modern-day executive girl

The initial electrical model has an engine that generates the equivalent of 1.6 hp, reaches a top speed of 15 miles per hour, and can go 50 miles on a single charge. There is another electric version with a bit more power to reach 4 horsepower and has a top speed of 50 miles per hour for the same range of 50 miles on a single charge. All these engine options are also available for the Trident.

Peel 50, is so practical, you won't need to rent a U-Haul to carry your stuff. smiley

The price of this car is around $10,000 and can be ordered, and even set to your liking on the website of Peel Engineering.
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Written on: 01-31-2012 01:39pm    Title: Peel P50: the smallest world’s car is back  
jejejjee smiley this Peel P50 is a kind of fun car... I have more pictures

The engine is situated under the seat, and it comes with a three forward gearbox transmission. It can not be reversed; the only way to reverse the Peel 50 is to get out of it and drag it with a handle it has at the rear.

The Peel 50 is the perfect small car for grandma

*** IMAGE removed, sorry :( ***
if you feel shame for being so tall, get a Peel 50

Hey, the perfect car for going out on a cheap date
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Written on: 02-01-2012 04:24pm    Title: Peel P50: the smallest world’s car is back  
The Jetson have returned from the past jajaja ... seriously, this little vehicle are what the planet needs. I bet this Peel 50 runs more than 100 miles with only 1 gallon of gasoline, but I bet this little toy couldn't run in the I-95.. I see this is more like a toy to walk from a neighborhood to another one.
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Written on: 02-04-2012 11:55pm    Title: Peel P50: the smallest world’s car is back  
Peel Engineering claimed to have the money to produce again the Peel P50 on a limited number of 50 units. Its design may be renewed, at least in part, but what we do know is that its engine will give way to an electric motor, much more suitable for a car of this kind. Sorry to disappoint who was thinking that this little car would be an affordable mobility solution or cheap, because their price will not be in line with its size: it will cost over $19,000. This should not surprise anyone knowing that small cars are not the cheapest on the auto-market these days.
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Written on: 02-14-2012 09:03am    Title: Peel P50: the smallest world’s car is back  
I'm already tired of screaming to the world that what this planet needs is uni-personal vehicles. For example, in USA most of people travel on their 5-passenger cars by themselves, what about the rest of the remaining space occupied by the car unnecessarily. This age of the uni-personal cars just like this Peel 50 has to come someday, everyday is less free space on the streets.
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