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Topic: The Most Efficient Chevrolet Cars Forum: Chevrolet
Written on: 02-21-2012 09:55am     Title: The most efficient Chevrolet cars
The new Chevy HHR redesign is going over well at our dealership, too.: )=):

The design is a bit more bold, yet still retains the shape and familiar trademarks of other current Chevy models....
Topic: These Corvettes Didn't Pass the Crash Test of a Drunk Driver Forum: Chevrolet
Written on: 02-21-2012 09:50am     Title: These Corvettes didn’t pass the crash test of a drunk driver
I wouldn't just put the onus on Miami because wherever you go, there's similar irresponsibility happening as well. Enough can't be said on how proactive the local police chapters have been with enforcing stiffer penalties, checkpoints and such to try and...