New Honda Civic 2012, Brief Review

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    MORE STYLE, EFFICIENCY AND POWER. The 2012 Honda Civic comes with a more substantial and energetic style and the coupe model, emphasizes its aggressive personality.

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    2012 HONDA CIVIC. Pristine and comfortable interior.

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    2012 HONDA CIVIC. Front seats and dashboard view.

TORRANCE, CALIFORNIA — Honda announced that the new Civic 2012 will come with a greater variety of motorizations in its class, and a design that will meet the diverse needs that buyers of compact cars are demanding.

A Civic for everyone

This is the ninth generation of this popular Japanese sedan which, for the coming year, will arrive to the market, redesigned and with greater fuel efficiency, besides two new trim models, Honda Civic HF and Civic Hybrid, both with a performance that exceeds 40 miles per gallon on highways.

This new Civic model has been built following the efficiency tradition of the Japanese brand. The Civic HF will be powered by gasoline engine only, and will also be equipped with a 4-cylinder i-VTEC 1.8L engine. Furthermore, the hybrid version, will come loaded with a 1.5L engine and a lithium-ion battery, which help it to reach up to 45 miles per gallon, which is an amazing achievement for the brand.

Fuel efficiency above all

Along with these models, will also be available other versions like the sedan, coupe, Si and the GX of natural gas, built to increase the efficiency and MPG.

In the case of the sedan and coupe Si models, they will load under their hood, a 2.4L engine and the new 6-speed manual transmission which develops up to 200 horsepower and a fuel consumption of 31 miles per gallon.

Smart driving

What all these model will share, are the different aerodynamic components and the Assist ECO Technology, which will improve the efficiency and give feedback to drivers on their driving style and behavior in order to suggest them a more efficient driving style.

Design Philosophy

In terms of design, it is the reinterpretation of the current 'one-motion' philosophy though the 2012 model is much more substantial and energetic.

As to the exterior, you will see cleaner lines, strong and well-marked shapes, which are spread throughout the outline and the bottom, which give it a more powerful look.

In Summary

This new Honda Civic 2012 sedan is more sophisticated due to the grid on which the emblem of the brand rests, while the coupe is more aggressive because of its more angular lines, besides the roof line, which flows smoothly into the trunk, the rear diffuser, spoiler and alloy wheels of 19".

The Civic has become one of the few cars that meets all aspects and requirement demanded by the market. It enjoys of an outstanding performance, sports look, efficiency, alternative fuel options and excellent long-term value.

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