Coming Mercedes-Benz with Google & Facebook included

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Written on: 01-16-2012 02:30pm    Title: Coming Mercedes-Benz with Google & Facebook included
At home was the beginning, then the mobile phones, libraries, cafes, cinemas, even in class and at work and now? In cars, Facebook seems to integrate well into all the nooks and daily habits. Facebook arrives to the new Mercedes-Benz SL-Class presented at the CES 2012 electronic fair in Las Vegas. With a new agreement with Google and Facebook without being as complex as the version we're used to, but having a functions created for car focusing on the location of friends, businesses, restaurants, etc.
New Mercedes-Benz SL-Class 2013 presented at the CES 2012 in Las Vegas, NV which includes Google and Facebook from factory

People use GPS devices to find places, cities and even their own cars, so why tracking the location of your Facebook friends from your car? This is increasing the concern in recent times. These days there are some gadgets on cars such as smart phones and GPS which distract the driver’s attention while they are at the wheel, boosting the risk of accidents. Why the industry wants to include more into the car?
Access your Facebook profile while driving and its most common options.

The director of Mercedes-Benz telematics services, Robert Policano says: "This connection to Facebook and Google will not distract the drivers since the navigation will be projected through a virtual screen on the windshield of the vehicle. This way it should not draw more attention than any other navigation device."

But the Facebook social network with more than 800 million users will not provide all the functions that we are accustomed, the user has no the possibility of writing although at one point he could know which of his friends are at the wheel, where and the estimated time to get them depending on traffic if at any time there is a hangout.
The Mercedes Sl will offer as an option COMAND Online to access Google Maps and Google Street View

This application will be released with the Mercedes-Benz SL-Class model on which through standard texts and writings, a driver can publish or updated his wall on Facebook with quick touches on the screen or by turning a knob. Regarding Google will offer direct access through Google Maps for Business and Google Street View via a service called Comand Online which is nothing more than an extension of the agreement signed with Mercedes in 2007.

Furthermore Mercedes-Benz follows the leading Web 2.0 trend started by Ford and Audi which are betting for the integration with social networks. Ford is currently working on a voice recognition system similar to Siriel (voice service assistance of the iPhone 4S) allowing synchronization of the car with the driver's mobile devices across multiple applications. The German manufacturer Audi plans the integration of content on the windshield of their cars which may be controlled by movements.
You will be able to update your status with screen touches but you won't be able to write

Particularly speaking, this option is somewhat confusing for the ideas and trends of many geeks and lovers of technology. The possibility of interaction offered by the Mercedes SL with Facebook and Google is cool as well as the ability to locate your friends and why not your favorite restaurant. Since most of these people tend to review their Facebook or Google on the phone every five minutes, why not would do the same in the car while driving? It's a bit risky, is not it?

Note that this option would offer a service with similar features that Foursquare.
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Written on: 01-16-2012 03:51pm    Title: Coming Mercedes-Benz with Google & Facebook included  
I don't think this is a good idea. Every day there are many accident on the street because the stupid people texting and reading on their SmartPhone while driving. Now think people Googling and gossiping on Facebook evert 3 minutes while driving?? Things doesn't look good. And also it is kind of ridiculous, why to access Facebook or Google from you car when you can do it from your cellphone. I don't see the point.
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Written on: 02-04-2012 05:28pm    Title: Coming Mercedes-Benz with Google & Facebook included  
Why only Mercedes?? Since when Google and Facebook became so exclusive and classist?. All new cars coming should come with not only Google and Facebook included. Most of them should come with a computer included and buyers should have the option to choose its OS, platform or App like Android, Apple, Blackberry, etc... And government should be more drastic and serious with those stupid people driving and watching his cellphone at the time.
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Written on: 02-14-2012 09:08am    Title: Coming Mercedes-Benz with Google & Facebook included  
This is as stupid and commercial as the Valentine's Day. I don't need Facebook, nor Google, nor MySpace, nor YouTube or any other website on my car when I have my Smartphone with me. This is going to cause more streets accidents than already are causing the stupid people who loves texting and driving at the same time.
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Written on: 09-07-2012 02:42am    Title: Coming Mercedes-Benz with Google & Facebook included  
If I could drive, own and ride a Mercedes-Benz I'd forget completely of Facebook and Google, that would be lame to access Facebook while driving such a dream car.
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