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Select the U.S. state where you live to see the listings of the most affordable used cars for sale added lately to the Autopten's database. These listings are automatically sorted by price starting with the lowest, so that you can find easier and faster a car that fits your budget. If you seriously are looking for a really cheap car no matter where it is located, we recommend you to start searching in Florida, Michigan, Ohio or Minneapolis. You can also check this article which exposes a research made by CarGurus about the U.S. cities and states where you can find the cheapest cars for sale.

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Save time! You can also check our directory of car dealers in your state that specialize in selling cheap used quality cars. These dealerships mostly list on their inventories used cars priced under $5,000 and under $10,000. If you have a favorite car-maker brand like BMW, Ford, Toyota or Honda for example, why don't you start your search by looking what cars are available on of that brand looking at the "search by make" page. Another way to know of find out which car to look here at a very low crazy price is looking at the "most popular models page" where you can see listed which are the most common models posted here by the dealers and owners members. For example, the Ford F-150 and the Toyota Camry are two of the most common models published for sale at very low and affordable prices. To end, if you aren't sure where to start or which car to look for, you can ask yourself what is your budget or how much are you willing to pay for your vehicle purchase and go to our "search by price range" page and click in the corresponding figure to your budget.