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If you are planning to buy your first low-budget used car or changing the current one you have in your garage, have you already thought, how much are you willing to spend on this one or what exactly is your new budget? $1000? $2000? $5000? $10000? If so and in case you are thinking on buying a used one which its cost is not too high, please select below, a maximum price you are willing to pay, so that we can show you those available and listed by dealers, private owners and auctions at Autopten.

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If you don't mind the price and you only want to see what used cars for sale are available in the state you live, please check the "search cars by states" page.

If you have a favorite automaker, like Toyota, Ford or Hyundai, but you are not sure what model to choose for giving a look, please check the "search cars by make" page to see which are the models available of the brand you like at the most affordable price.

If you are not sure exactly what car to buy with your current budget, we recommend you to check the "search by popular models" page and see what are the best selling cars or most favorite models for sale at cheap prices that dealers and private owners, members of Autopten, post frequently in the site.

In closing, if you would like to save time, avoid speaking with sales representatives of dealers that promise having cheap cars but actually they don't, and you prefer going straight to the point, we recommend you to check our "cheap dealers directory" page, where selecting the state you live, will find those car stores that currently sell the used cars at very low prices in a city near you, and with their respective contact information.