World's Cheapest Car Will Be Manufactured by Zotye

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    Until November 2010 had already been sold in India 70,000 units of this popular economical vehicle.

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    The mini-hatchback, Zotye Z100, is the most affordable car in China.

The Tata Nano competitors are behind them. Since the Indian firm started the race for building the cheapest car in the world, many other manufacturers have announced the same intentions, but any of them have gotten to make some progress on their projects so far.

But this won’t be the case of Zotye, a Chinese auto-maker that is very convinced that will create a cheaper car than the Tata Nano.

Apparently the new Zotye will have the Suzuki Maruti M800 body base, sold in China under different brands (including Chang'an and Jiangnan). Zotye says that some of its strategies to save costs during the equipment and production process, will be removing the air conditioning, the power steering and other nonessential items. Something that is still unknown is the engine, but everything indicate that they will keep the small 0.8L of 37-hp engine along with a four-speed manual transmission.

For now we can not say more, but at least it seems that this time they are seriously working in the project. The bad thing is, for Europe doesn't make any sense to get back a car created in the mid 80's, as many people will not longer be able see to it.