The Volvo V70 and Its V8 Engines Will Be Discontinued in USA

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    The Volvo V70 is a station wagon and family car produced since 1996 by the Sweden auto-maker.

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    In just a few years, it has won more than 50 awards for its handling, safety, engineering and design.

When a product does not sell as it should, sales aren't profitable. This obvious fact has great implications in the automotive market and this is what happened in the U.S. with the Volvo V70. The American market has never been a friend of family cars, and indeed the supply of such bodies is limited, with the exception of some manufacturers such as Volvo. And even the king of the family quitted from that segment, starting next year, the V70 will not be in the U.S. Volvo range anymore.

The last year when the family car had decent sales, was in 2000, year that coincided with the release of the Volvo XC70. The XC70, with basic 4x4 skills, seasoned camper aspect and standard all-wheel drive, has outsold every year. The launch of the SUV XC90 and XC60 didn't do something else than sinking more and more to the family car.

The SUV has attracted more customers, because of its design and practicality, even the XC90 exceeds in almost all measurements to the V70, even though it is more fuel spender.

An engine in the U.S. market - lover by excellence of the V8 - will disappear next year. The 4.4/l V8 of 315-hp designed and produced by Yamaha, will be replaced by a 3.2L T6 6-cylinder in-line of 300-HP.

With 15-HP less, it will have similar benefits and will be much lighter with the fuel consumption. Finally, the atmospheric 2.4L engine in-line 5-cylinder (a Volvo classic wherever they are_ will no be longer offered this year with the Volvo S40 and Volvo V50, being available only the turbocharged version with 230-hp. Volvo reasons are almost identical, fuel consumption and increased demand for the second propeller.