Volkswagen Also Recalls 200.000 Cars For Inspection

  • volkswagen golf 2010

    Volkswagen Golf 2009 recalled.

  • volkswagen gol 2010

    Volkswagen Gol 2010.

  • volkswagen brazil plant

    Volkswagen assembly plant in Brazil.

The German manufacturer Volkswagen announced yesterday Thursday they will recall 193.620 cars in Brasil for checking a problem in the bearing of the rear tires in two of their models, just after the massive recall for checking of the Japanese giant Toyota.

Volkswagen confirmed this pieces wasn't enough lubricated in their new Golf and Voyage models, manufactured in Brasil before July 2009, for which they started the recall for an inspection.

Using the car in this conditions could make a noise and its continue use could lead to block the wheels. In extreme cases, wheels could break away. The company, the second biggest manufacturer of cars in Brasil, behind of the Italian Fiat and installed in the country for more than 50 years, indicated they had adopted this action as a "prevention".

It is important to highlight that this recall is only for the New Gol and Voyage model from 2009. Cars produced after July don't have this problem. From July until today, all cars are fine, said a spokeswoman from the company.

The Golf Wasn't The Only One

Volkswagen Brasil, produced more than 700.000 cars in 2009 and they already has made recalls in the country. In April of 2008, the company announced the recall to inspection of about 477.000 units of the Fox model for make some modification in the rear seats.

Volkswagen has 4 manufacturers in Brasil and they employ about 22.000 people. A total of 22 model of the company, included the imported, are sold in the South American nation.