Toyota Prius Curiosities

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    Did you know that 95% of Toyota Prius owners are interested in buying another one?

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    The aerodynamic design of the Prius is based on the design principles of the German engineer Wunibald Kamm, created over 80 years ago.

The 2008 Toyota Prius is the most fuel efficient car sold in the United States.

95% of its owners are interested in buying another Toyota Prius or similar hybrid or fuel efficient car.

Toyota said that they have been selling the Prius since 2000 and they haven't had to replace yet a battery under warranty.

The Prius was launched in the Japanese market in 1997 and was the first mass-produced hybrid car.

A fuel-saving strategy in the Prius, is that the gasoline engine turns off at the continuing detention suffered in urban traffic.

In August 2009, the hybrid models manufactured by Toyota Motor Corporation worldwide exceeded the historical mark of two million vehicles sold since 1997, of which 1.4 million are Toyota Prius.

Its maximum speed is 106 mph.

Its maximum RPM is 5000.

Its performance specifications indicate a 59.65 Miles/gallon in urban conditions and although these numbers are usually difficult to achieve in real use, in anyway indicate that the Prius almost double the performance of comparable conventional cars.

The Toyota Prius is sold in over 40 countries and the market leaders are Japan and North America.

The fuel tank capacity is only 9.9 liters.

The Prius uses a continuously variable transmission system called E-CTV.

The Toyota Prius produces 90% fewer pollutants than similar non-hybrid cars.

The Toyota Prius is the only car that makes no noise while driving.

The Prius has more than ten years in the market and its demand has been increasing without cuts above expectations.

The Toyota Prius and other hybrids depreciate less over the time than standard gasoline cars.