Toyota Prius, Best Selling Car in Japan

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    By the end of September 2010 have been sold 2,012,000 units of the Toyota Prius, being the most powerful markets the Japanese markets and the American.

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    The Toyota Prius has gone from being a mere car to become an icon in the automotive industry.

It is been already a year that the Toyota Prius hybrid is at the top in the classification of the most sold cars in Japan. This is a special achievement for a model that has excelled in one of the most important crisis that the world can remember in the automotive industry.

During May, in Japan have been delivered a total of 27.208 units, which are almost the double of the second place in the chart, and despite the long wait for a Toyota Prius, buyers must wait for delivery, no less than six months.

It's more clear than ever that the market is ripe and ready for the arrival of the next generation of the Toyota Prius, the plug-in, which if nothing extraordinary happens, we will have to wait at least two more years, to begin to see it at the dealerships. We hope that the arrival of the first electric models and its more than expected success, encourage to Toyota to accelerate the process and get ready a model that has "too many" years in the testing phase.

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