Top 10 Most Comfortable Cheapest New Cars in U.S.

According to a research of the well known automotive expert resource, the (Kelley Blue Book), for consumers, comfort is the second most important factor when buying a new car, just behind of reliability. For that reason they made a list with the 10 more comfortable and cheapest new cars for sale under $30,000 these days in the country.

The profiles of these cars were based on how smooth are their rides, the relaxing behavior and comfort of the seats, among other functions. Six of the 10 models come from U.S. manufacturers and the other are from Korean and Japanese brands.

Nowadays, most new cars come with some touches of comfort that only used to be included on the deluxe version of cars, like for example, automatic climate control and heated seats. Recently, the list was led by large sedans, however, the progress of these days has coupled the good performance with the luxury at a reasonable price.

Although some of these selected models not necessarily surprise in terms of style, they all meet the pursuit of comfort at an affordable price.

  • buick lacrosse 2010 new red

    New Buick LaCrosse 2010 (Interior)

1. Buick LaCrosee: Buick has led the comfortable travel market for years, so it is not surprising that the redesigned LaCrosse is part and the first one of the list. In addition to the roomy interior (especially in the second line), it also comes equipped with 8-way seat adjustment, remote start and light blue interior. This luxury car uses the signature of its creator with the QuietTuning system that reduces, blocks and absorbs noise.

  • buick-lucerne-2010-red

    New Buick Lucerne 2010 (Interior)

2. Buick Lucerne: The last of the old school of Buick. Its large size and simple is the remnant of an era in which the front bench seats were an option. It may be boring for many, but is a champion in terms of comfort with gentle handling and a really quiet interior. Perhaps the Buick Lucerne isn't not the most dynamic car but it does is one of the most comfortable.

  • chrysler-300-interior-2010

    Interior - New Chrysler 300 2010

3. Chrysler 300: The Chrysler 300 was developed during the brief union between Mercedes-Benz and Chrysler, so much of its architecture is based on the design of the German house. The result is a comfortable, fully loaded, high quality and very easy car to drive.

  • new-chevrolet-impala-2010-interior

    New Chevrolet Impala 2010 (Interior)

4. Chevrolet Impala: Until these days, it is considered an old workhorse but it's comfortable, with a good size and a very cheap price, the magic formula for some buyers. The Chevy Impala is one of the most frequently rented cars and is on the road where it really shines.

  • new-chevrolet-malibu-2010-interior

    New Chevrolet Malibu 2010 (Interior)

5. Chevrolet Malibu: This model boasts of a quiet behavior, reliable engine and a good look, giving it such level of refinement that would calm the nerves of any stressed driver. The Malibu includes heated seats, two-tone interior leather, Blue-tooth and is in general a good-looking mid-size sedan for low cost. For those who want to save and like cheaper options, Chevrolet also have the four-cylinder version with a very complete equipment.

  • new-ford-taurus-2010-interior

    New Ford Taurus 2010 (Interior)

6. Ford Taurus: Being a family sedan, the Taurus has always been described as spacious and comfortable, and the present generation is no the exception. With ample space for up to five occupants and a very versatile trunk, this car continues to offer the same level of comfort but now with a more sporty look, behavior and the availability of the SYNC system only improves the deal.

  • new-hyundai-azera-interior-2010

    New Hyundai Azera 2010 (Interior)

7. Hyundai Azera: This is a return to an era in which large sedans had a smooth drive boulevard, and nobody was putting too much attention to the corners. The Hyundai Azera is suspended as your favorite chair and the rear seat area has a spacious limo aura. It may not excites the sports sedans enthusiasts but most drivers will appreciate its high level of comfort.

  • new-subaru-legacy-2010-interior

    New Subaru Legacy 2010 (Interior)

8. Subaru Legacy: This Japanese car offers comfort in three levels. First, it is the excellent and comfortable seats and the ability to extent its cabin, providing an excellent and a very quiet ride quality at the interior of the Subaru Legacy. Finally is the experience of peace thanks to the superior grip with the road and the off-road capabilities resulting from the AWD system.

  • new-2010-toyota-avalon-interior-european-version

    New Toyota Avalon 2010 (Interior / European Version)

9. Toyota Avalon: It takes the Camry platform, increase its sizes and luxury touches such as reclining seats to result in the Avalon, a car that offers the Lexus comfort for a Toyota price. The Toyota Avalon is a long sedan, but unlike its father, the Ford LTD 1973, the suspension keeps the floating sensation, which enhances the feeling of comfort.

  • new-2010-toyota-camry-interior

    New Toyota Camry 2010 (Interior)

10. Toyota Camry: The Camry soft suspension along with the luxury seating helps during situations such as traffic jam and noise, get much more tolerable. To make the trip even more pleasant, it has a very quiet cabin and an automatic dual-zone climate control that keeps the occupants with the perfect temperature. The Camry has the ideal combination for almost any trip, long or short.