Most Stolen Cars in America 2009 List

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    Auto theft rates drop to its lowest level in 20 years.

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    The Honda Accord remains as the most stolen car in America.

Illinois.- First, the good news. Auto theft rates in the country drop to its lowest level in 20 years. Now the bad news, which are really bad news at least for the owners of any version of the Honda Accord, as this model remains as the most stolen vehicle in America.

The report issued by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) pointed out that in 2009, auto theft declined for the sixth consecutive year with 794,616 units reported as stolen in 2009, against 956.846 complaints made by citizens in 2008. According to authorities, the high level of the theft rates for these particular vehicles, is because thefts get more money selling their parts individually for repairs, than reselling the whole car.

Next is the list with the most stolen reported models in the U.S. during the last 2009:

  • 1. Honda Accord 1994
  • 2. Honda Civic 1995
  • 3. Toyota Camry 1991
  • 4. Ford F-150 Pickup 1997
  • 5. Dodge Ram Pickup 2004
  • 6. Dodge Caravan 2000
  • 7. Chevrolet Pickup 1994 (Full Size)
  • 8. Acura Integra 1994
  • 9. Ford Explorer 2002
  • 10. Toyota Corolla 2009

Something that isn't surprising with the vehicles of this list, is that most of the cars included in it, are also the most sold of every manufacturer.

Despite the decline in the number of thefts, thieves seem to have improved their techniques, and according to recent studies, the most experienced can open and steal a car in only 10 seconds. However, it is possible to prevent theft by following simple advices such as: lock your car and take the keys, do not hide a second set of keys inside or outside the car, park in large and well lighted areas, always lock the car and let the windows up, and of course, hide your valuables, take them with you or don't let them visible to the thefts.

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