How To Get Dirt Cheap Used Cars

  • used car lot

    Start for checking out the big signs of auto dealership in your area.

  • cheap used cars at auctions

    Some used car dealers tend to sell their vehicles at auction on Saturdays to the best bidder.

If you are interested in getting a dirt cheap car or some dirt cheap cars, the best place to go and get them is at seized car auction. Don’t try to find dirt cars in the Internet, used cars dealerships or through private owners, you’re going in the wrong way.

What are the seized cars? Seized cars are those confiscated to people that are going to for a long time on jail, for example. Also, when people die and nobody claims his belongings, the government disposes of them, include cars and put them on sale. Seized cars are those confiscated to owners when they don’t do their payments on time. All this cars are seized and sell on auctions for very cheap prices.

These cars are sold through auctions to the highest bidder. They aren’t sold for profit. The government doesn’t want to keep them, they are sold to satisfy a lien and to unload inventory that the government doesn’t need and becomes in unnecessary merchandise.

Why are the dirt cars cheap? Most of them aren’t in very good conditions; however you will have the opportunity to inspect its condition visually and to check their blue book value. Most of them aren’t good bargains. You will have to be scrupulous in the search of these dirt cheap cars before taking any decision. Some of them will require very little maintenance work to get them in good conditions and ready to run. It you get one of those dirt cars under the blue book value and you think you will bring it up to mint conditions, you are done, you have bought a bargain, a real cheap dirt car.

Well, it isn’t as easy as it sounds. Find a good dirt car in these seized cars auctions is like finding a needle in a haystack, however, don’t give up and invest some time in this search and for sure you will some dirt cheap cars in very good conditions at this auctions, even if the car is for yourself or to resell. There are many cars entrepreneurs that know how to see a golden opportunity in this seized car auctions. They know exactly which car to buy. They know how to get the cheapest price and they know how to fix them up and resell them for a very good price and you can become one of those people.