Ford Will Discontinue Its Mercury Line

  • mercury grand marquis

    It is the only rear wheel drive large sedan that offers a V8 engine capable to operate with Flex-Fuel (E85). It was also the best-selling Mercury (4MM).

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    Mercury was one of the luxury brands owned by Ford Motor Company. In January 2011, Ford closed the line considering it insolvent.

The U.S. car-maker Ford is definitely decided to liquidate its Mercury brand, allowing it to concentrate its resources on Ford as a global brand, and Lincoln as a 'premium' brand for the U.S. market primarily.

The multinational company headquartered in Detroit, the only big U.S. manufacturer that got to evade the suspension of payments, consulted several dealers about the possibility of eliminating the Mercury brand, in order to take a decision after the summer. Ford has executed in recent years an oriented strategy to simplify its business and the establishment of the group as a single global company, under the auspices of its CEO, Alan Mulally, head of the ONE Ford plan.

It had to happen one day. After the closure of companies such as Pontiac or Saturn at General Motors are starting to show other brands whose identity has been diluted over the years and begin to lose meaning. That's what happened to Mercury. In those circumstances, the corporation has disposed of four of the operating brands: Aston Martin (sold to a consortium of investors), Jaguar and Land Rover (now owned for the Indian group Tata Motors) and Volvo (transferred this year to the Chinese Geely).

Mercury was founded in 1939 by Edsel Ford who wanted to position it between the marks Ford (general) and Lincoln (premium segment). In 1978, Mercury sales was 621,000 units, however last year was limited to 92,300 units.

John Wolkonowicz, automotive analyst at IHS Global Insight believes that Mercury is now a forgotten brand, which many Americans probably think that has been discontinued.