Chrysler Will Recall 600,000 Cars in USA

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    Chrysler will recall about 288,968 units of Jeep Wranglers.

DETROIT - Chrysler will recall a total of 600,000 cars from different models in the United States after many failures that have been detected in the doors, brakes and accelerators according to the road safety agency in the country, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA).

Chrysler said that they will notice the necessity to review all these cars with each owners of the affected cars. All these cars will also be repaired free of charge. Specifically, Chrysler will recall about 288,968 units of Jeep Wranglers, produced between 2006 and 2010 due to a possible bug that can cause loss of fluid in the brakes.

Also, the U.S. manufacturer will have to inspect around 25,336 Dodge Caliber cars manufactured from 2006 because of the problem identified in the pedal during the acceleration.

The recall to inspection also affects about 284,831 units of the Chrysler Town & Country minivans manufactured between February and September of 2007 on the detection of an electrical system problem that could cause a short circuit in the sliding door latch.