Chevrolet Suburban is the Most Successful SUV

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    The Suburban features determine the real American SUV.

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    This huge SUV was built because of the necessity of bigger load space..

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    For years, it has been one of the favorite vehicles of the U.S. secret service.

Chevrolet Suburban celebrates this year its 75th anniversary like the most successful SUV in the U.S. history, as since its release during the Great Depression, it has transported thousands of people while its manufacturing remains uninterrupted. There isn't any other car that has remained many years without at least being out of the market for some time.

Besides being part of the automotive scene for about three quarters of the century, the Chevrolet Suburban represents the features that determine the American SUV. Its permanence in the market speaks about the creativity of the team of its original design and the good judgement of the General Motors team members, who have taken the best decisions to overtake any obstacle with winning ideas.

The Necessity Of More Space

The Suburban idea was born from the necessity of having a car with more load capacity, based in a structure truck type. Early in the 30’s, most of the manufacturers and used to offer vehicles with bodywork of cars. Open models with windows and rear seats were known like "Depot Hacks" and they were used to transport travellers and their luggage in the train stations and maritime ports. Covered models, which normally didn’t have rear seats, were called "Sedan Deliveries".

Chevrolet started to experiment with a bodywork made 100% with steel and assembled on a chassis at mid of 30's, launching in 1935 the Suburban for passengers. The original model could carry up to seven passengers, and also had the option to take off the seats easily to offer a space of almost 2 square meters per load. The heavy load chassis of the Suburban appeared more and more among clients with major requirements level, included the U.S. Army during the second world war.

The attributes of resistance and capacity that propelled this SUV, have prevailed for more than seven decades, being these days currently valid. The Chevrolet Suburban 2010 is able to transport up to nine passengers as well as offering a loading space of 3,891 liters with the second and third seats rows out of the car. This one also has a smart system for fuel saving that disconnect four cylinders in lower demand conditions, which allow it to offer the best efficiency and fuel economy in its category.