Chevrolet Camaro Won the Battle to the Ford Mustang

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    The Camaro sold 20,000 more units than the Ford Mustang.

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    Chevrolet Camaro surpassed the Ford Mustang in sales.

After Ford announced the Mustang outsold the Camaro in May, General Motors revealed since the first month of sales of the Chevrolet's muscle car, which was in May 2009, sold about 20,000 units more than the blue oval pony car.

In total, Chevrolet enrolled 99,872 Camaro cars and Ford 80,340 Mustang cars. Moreover, according to GM, its sporty won in sales in 11 of the 12 months covered. The strong competition between Ford and Chevrolet with the models Camaro and Mustang respectively, recreates perfectly the war they had in the sixties and seventies. In this new chapter in the history of the Camaro out head first. In the sixties and seventies, for some periods the Chevrolet Camaro also had the leadership, although in 1966 it was Ford who presented the first pony car, at the end, there were more Ford Mustang than Chevrolet Camaro.

It is a pride to GM having a car sales with this behavior, but it has more value when you fight against the car that created the segment: the Mustang. Between May 2009 and the same month in 2010, the Camaro outsold the Mustang in eleven months. The only exception was the launch month of the Chevy.

In conclusion, the muscle car Chevrolet sold about 20,000 units more than the pony car from Ford last year. What people prefer? Ford Mustang or Chevy Camaro?