Chevrolet Camaro Outsells the Ford Mustang in August

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    Chevrolet sold around 750 more units of the Camaro than Ford with the Mustang

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    During the last 10 months of this year, Chevrolet has sold 7,000 more Camaro units than Ford and the Mustang.

This battle is waged every month in North America. The eternal rivals in the segment of the muscle cars reveal their figures as far as sales are concerned, the winner, the Chevrolet Camaro once again is exceeding the monthly sales to its rival, the Ford Mustang, this despite a kind of depression suffered by the market today. The winner of July sales, albeit by a minimal margin, is the Ford Mustang, which was recovering the leadership after a few months behind the Camaro.

The figures of sales of this month were 7,489 units of the Mustang and 7486 of the Camaro, a difference of only 3 cars, unbelievable!. But in August all returned to normal, and despite a significant drop in sales of both, the Chevy Camaro is back to the first position again.

During the month of August, Chevrolet sold 6,321 units of the Chevy Camaro model while Ford sold throughout North America 5,570 Ford Mustang models, a difference of more than 800 units per month, but the drop was more than 1,000 in the Chevrolet Camaro sales from one month to another. However, the data with greater weight can be the accumulated sales so far this year 2010.

During the eight months that have elapsed in 2010, the Chevrolet Camaro takes the lead in sales with 60,000 units registered, exceeding the Ford Mustang, which has been sold 53,000 for the period January-August 2010. Without incentives, with just a year on the market, the Chevrolet Camaro commands the muscle car sales, of course, with a massive advertising campaign behind it.

This video will show you why the Chevrolet Camaro is the king!