Cheapest Cars To Insure Winners List

  • mazda tribute I 2010 blue

    The Mazda Tribute I 2010 won the award to the cheapest car to insure.

  • dodge caliber 2010 green

    2010 Dodge Caliber - Cheapest sedan to insure.

  • gmc-canyon-2010

    2010 GMC Canyon - Cheapest truck to insure.

  • gmc-canyon-2010

    2010 Honda Odyssey - Cheapest minivan to insure.

IRVINE, California - presented awards to the cars with the cheapest insurance, where the Mazda Tribute I topped the 2010 list. These awards honors brands and models that are the least expensive to insure based on an average cost paid by users that didn't exceed the $2,400 dollars.

Although the Mazda SUV was the absolute winner, published the list with the cheapest cars to insure in each segment:

  • Sedans: Dodge Caliber 4-door hatchback
  • SUV: Mazda Tribute i 2WD four-door
  • Trucks: GMC Canyon WT 2WD 2.9 L two doors
  • Vans: Honda Odyssey LX 5-door 2WD

For manufacturers, this award proves that they are able to produce sports, affordable and accessible cars to ensure, increasing the value of their products. Meanwhile, added that the prices of car insurances are based on several factors such as where you live, age and driving record. When the collision insurance and extended warranty purchase come into the buying process, your vehicle plays an essential role since cars with records of high cost for repair and replacement, usually raise the prices of the insurance.

There are other points that may generate a history of loss and raise the cost of insurance:

  • If car repairs are expensive.
  • If people traveling in the car suffered more injuries in an accident than the occupants of other vehicles.
  • If the car is among the favorites of thieves and leads the theft complaints.
  • If the car is popular among young people, teenagers and unexperienced drivers that often have too many complaints.

However you can reduce the insurance cost even if you own one of the most expensive cars to protect, like the Porsche 911:

  • If you keep your driving record clean.
  • If you ask only for major damage claims.
  • If you improve your credit history.
  • If you reduce your annual mileage traveled.
  • If you move to Maine which is the U.S. state with the cheapest rate at the time of insuring cars, according

To measure the insurance rate, took the same parameters and compared the price of six of the largest insurers in the United States to over 10 zip codes by state. If you want to compare the insurance cost of your car you can use the interactive tools of the page, and no matter what kind of car you have, you can also get the lowest rate.