The Cheapest Car in the World is Fun Too

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    Tata Motors, is leading a revolution with this little one on wheels.

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    Tata company also gives to its customer the opportunity to customize the car before purchase in many particular ways.

Among the cheapest cars available in the entire world, there is one that is a real phenomenon, the Tata Nano. Besides being the last expensive and one of the smallest new cars that you can buy in the earth planet, believe it or not, it can also be very funny, and indeed, it is.

The Indian firm, Tata Motors, is leading a revolution with this little one on wheels. Besides all the positive things that involve the release of this giant toy, now adds the ability to customize it in several particular ways.

In the Tata's website, you have the chance to choose different and varied color schemes for this cheap car, as well as finishes inside the Nano, like the air intakes that are located in front of the rear wheels and also some interesting designs in the style "tattoo" in the sides of the car.

The highlight is not only the possibility of millimetric customization to your unique taste, but Tata, the Indian giant of small efficient inexpensive cars, is positioning itself in a very interesting way in the world market, by offering a service and a possibility that cars from other auto-makers in other segments, just simply can not offer, besides being much more expensive by the way.

That's the real plus of Tata Motors adds this time to the cheapest cars in the world.

In conclusion: what else you can ask to the manufacturer? a price that seems unreal and like a dream, a very decent basic economical cheap car and now with the addition of the opening to the range of possibilities with the chance of personalization, besides the great possibility to buy it on-line.

A phenomenon among the new cars priced for under $5000 dollars market in the world, has been born. A snowball has started rolling, and it will become a real boom... commercially, of course.

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